Time Wasted

Since the beginning of this year, I have been spending an excess of time on reading about some irredeemable dents done to the livelihood by Mr President; The Change mantra crooner. Most of the ‘Messiah’ nepotistic overbearing has not contributed to our peace of mind. His deeds has not contributed to dictate of mutual coexistence, it has not contributed to psychological or spiritual growth of teeming masses. It has just given us an occasion to laugh in pain today, but more often, it is giving us enervation, anger and worry of uncertain future.

If you look at the obvious disconnect, narcissistic sluggishness of our dear president, you feel a certain disgust, you feel a certain danger hanging above our collective heads. Several times, I have made a resolution to remain mute on these sacrileges that are now habitual. But somehow, to see people praise-singing the wickedness and catastrophic style of leadership of men in helm of power seems to be a bit addictive.

Still, it is a pure waste of time to go through the dailies headlines reading anti-people laws being given assent to by our alien president. I again have the firmest intention to stop reading about his proteges engaging in political vendetta against their subordinates. I have stopped watching the satirical videos of ‘off the microphone’ rubber-stamped dishonorably. I challenge noble citizens to use our hard-earn time for our spiritual and mental growth.

Let us reflect on how much time, we have wasted today reading about carnage in Southern Kaduna. Every minute of wasted time is a minute of wasted life. Our life has only a limited number of minutes to be used for action, not lamentation. Let us reflect and think about how to spend our time in the best possible way. Love and helpfulness will boil up and that will help us lead a good life against draconia leadership that permeate our society today.

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