The old-age saying that women are complicated were created by lazy and boring men who prefer things in black and white rather than in color.

Instead of complaining about the complexities of women, take the time to enjoy the woman in your life as a cool person to get to know instead of a problem to solve.

Firstly, women are HUMAN BEINGS! We’re not alive purely for male or societal entertainment or enslavement

As long as patriarchy and discrimination against women exists, feminism will exist

At 25, we learn that our worth is really not dependent on our hymen. It’s not a freshness or purity seal

We learn the power and ability to say “no”

We’re done with compromising ourselves in order to make others happy

We accept and love ourselves as we are. Gone are the days when we get a complex from being too this or too that

We become confident and secure in who we are, realizing that there’s always room for growth

By 25, women don’t beat around the bush about what they want, be it in career, love, friendship or family

The notion that our emotions cloud our judgment comes from people who take offense to women not doing what they want them to do

We can tell the difference between a sincere guy and an asshole by the time we’re 16. At 25, you can’t fool us

We tend to go for assholes under the guise that they’re exciting bad boys, only to get hurt and disappointed. By 25, all of that is over and we look for the real deal

If a woman really wants to be in a relationship with you, she won’t play games or leave you hanging

And don’t cheat or play games because you will be dropped at the first sight of unfaithfulness

Doing the little things that make us smile is enough to make our day

If you want a casual relationship, be upfront and don’t lie about it. Not every woman wants a committed relationship

By 25, we learn that sex is actually not a taboo, and we talk about it openly and freely

Don’t make us feel bad about not wanting to get married. Marriage isn’t an approval stamp of womanhood

Having children is also not an approval stamp of womanhood. It’s an individual choice

After 25, a woman’s friendships become her pillarof strength and space where she can truly be herself

Don’t make a thing out of women going to the bathroom in a group. There’s safety in numbers because the world doesn’t exactly make it safe for women to walk alone

Periods really do suck and hormonal changes happen during that time. Please understand this and bear with us, We don’t dress up for anybody but ourselves. When we feel good, we look good.

You can miss all women with the slut-shaming because their outfits don’t fit into patriarchal norms of decency. We no longer listen to people’s complaints about the price tag on our hair. Our money, our choice – period. Losing weight is not that easy because of estrogen, so excuse me if I don’t have a photo-shopped flat stomach.

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