Thailand Decry Pornographic Ban by Government

  • Thai government had a week ago banned about one hundred and ninety Pornographic websites including Pornhub

Residents had protested the ban and had wilfully gathered at Bangkok, Thailand to protest

Puttipong Punnakanta had stated the reasons for the ban being made on grounds of illegalities, adding that ban was to help restrict access to gambling websites and pork websites

Citizens were seen at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society with placards which read- “Free Pornhub”

Thailand was in the top 20 for daily traffic to Pornhub in 2019 and has a globally-known sex industry.

Thailand had in 2019 been in the top 20 traffic to porn hub and its sex industry is hugely known

  • They estimated Thailand to have spent about 11 minutes and 21 seconds on the site which is more than other countries spent from around the world

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