SUCCESSFUL 100 DAYS IN OFFICE: Lady Agnes Udoenwenwen, A Leader With Exceptional Vision

The vast achievements recorded by the administration of Lady Agnes Udoenwenwen in the first 100 days in office as the Executive Chairman of Obot Akara Local Government Council is an affirmation of the aphorism that “what a man can do a woman can do better”.

With the emergence of Lady Agnes Udoenwenwen, the dynamic of Obot Akara LGA politics has changed, moving towards infrastructural and economic development with focus on entrepreneurship and agricultural empowerment. With the latest development, faces of people have been rejuvenated based on laid down programmes and projects enunciated to engage the youths and women to material success

As a Certified Accountant and the first female Chairman of Obot Akara Local Government Council, having been well prepared for the leadership position, Lady Agnes Udoenwenwen weighed in to the Council with a hefty blueprint to improve the well-being of Obot Akara people.

Shortly after her inauguration in December 2020, the Council Boss analysed the tasks ahead in the Council with an inescapable conclusion that widows must first be supported at the Christmas season to enable them celebrate the birth of Christ. She started with the distribution of christmas packages and cash to the widows having seen the economic hardship caused by the dreaded coronavirus pandemic. This was followed by subsequent empowerment of the fallen heroes wives during the 2021 Armed Forces Remembrance Day. The fallen heroes’ wives smiled home with wrappers, cash and other gift items courtesy of the distinguished Chairman.

Again, another set of women were being empowered. This time, it was the female farmers with 50,000 Naira Grant to invest in farming. This was done in partnership with Prince Archibong’s Life Foundation to engage women in agriculture towards food sufficiency. Agriculture as it is all known employs 75% of Nigerians and the people of Obot Akara LGA are not left behind. Obot Akara people are predominantly farmers as the area is blessed with fertile soil to plant cassava, palm trees, yam, vegetables, maize, melon etc as well as rearing of animals. The area is also blessed with Water for Aqua Culture activities. Obot Akara LGA is filled with creative, innovative and talented people who work tirelessly to earn a better living. Sincerely, women In Obot Akara LGA have not been supported to this extent until hurricane Agnes Udoenwenwen blew in to the area to set the pace for a better living.

Lady Udoenwenwen also flagged-off grading of local roads within the Local Government Area. The flag-off started with grading of Ntong Uno-Ikot Ukpong road, one of the major roads linking different communities in the area. At the flag-off, Lady Agnes Udoenwenwen said grading of roads is to ease movement of commuters and goods within and outside the local government area to boost economic activities. She added that good road network in the area will relatively reduce travel time and transportation cost to villages, cities and towns, thereby, encouraging people to travel for business and trade.

Currently, there is political stability in Obot Akara Local Government Area and the Chairman is working towards bringing a commercial bank to the area. This will be a plus to the chairman as the people of Obot Akara LGA travel to Ikot Ekpene for banking transaction. There is also a plan underway to bring a Magistrate Court to Obot Akara LGA. The Chairman has recorded success in supporting the first ever Obot Akara Youths Summit recently organized by National Youths Council of Nigeria, Obot Akara chapter, supervising the free, fair and credible election for National Association of Obot Akara Students (NAOAS) Worldwide and continuous peace talk with boundary communities between Obot Akara LGA and Obingwa LGA in Abia State as well as setting up of market committees for the Council.

There are deluge of congratulatory messages from far and near pouring on lady Agnes Udoenwenwen on her success in her 100 days of gargantuan achievements as the first female Chairman of Obot Akara Local Government Council. This clearly confirms that “success has many relatives” and “failure is an orphan”.
Today, based on her performance in her first 100 days in office, every mention of her name draws applause and tumultuous cheers. Lady Udoenwenwen is the woman of the moment, a star of Obot Akara Local Government Area and a woman with the heart of gold. As a woman of substance from a royal background, her programmes and interests are characterized by consistency in women and youths development. She is a practical utilitarian who makes the grassroots her formidable constituency.

Obot Akara LGA is indeed lucky to have a woman with master plan of development, Lady Agnes Udoenwenwen as the chairman. All hands must be on deck to encourage and support her administration because her first 100 days in office is a signal of total transformation of Obot Akara LGA.

At this point the most important lesson for all of us comes from Lucky Dube’s track titled, “God bless the women”. Part of the song lyrics reads: “We praise heroes every day, but there are those we forget to praise, the women of this world. They do not run from anything. They stand and fight for what is right. God bless the women.”

Congratulations distinguished Chairman on your achievements in your first 100 days in office as the executive chairman, Obot Akara Local Government Council. More grease to your elbow.

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