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Sean Connery’s Last Wishes Granted. Ashes to be Scattered in Bahamas

Sir Sean Connery, popularly known as James Bond had passed on, he had wished for his ashes to be scattered in Scotland, Bahamas, which would be granted and done accordingly

Micheline Roquebrune, the late actor’s wife had revealed that it was James Bond’s last wish to have his ashes scattered in his homeland

The now widowed Micheline added that plans will eventually be made when travel regulations allow it for memorial service to be held in respect of her late husband and icon, and would be done near his Scottish home

This, she told The Scottish Mail On Sunday, “We are going to bring Sean back to Scotland that was his final wish. He wanted his ashes to be scattered in the Bahamas and also in his homeland.

“Whenever it is possible and safe to travel again, then it is the family’s intention to return with him. We would like to organise a memorial service for him in Scotland, that is our hope.”

Micheline also stated that the date for the memorial service was altogether uncertain

Jason Connery, the late actor’s son also revealed that he had been ill for quite sometime, this was revealed in an interview he had with BBC.

Jason also added that his dad’s demise had been peaceful, he said Sean Connery had passed on surrounded by people he loved and who loved him in return

He concluded by saying that his father’s death will be felt by a lot of people and will be a sad loss for them around the world

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