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Right Honourable (Rt Hon.)

Words they say are powerful. When you say you’ll do something, others expect you to do them, or you may develop a reputation for not being honourable. In the famous TV series, Game of Thrones, Ned Stark was called an honourable man. In season one, when Sir barristan was commanded by Cersei Lannister to seize Ned Stark for denying Joffrey’s claim to the throne, it was honour that saved Sir Barristan’s life. You could hear Ned Stark shouting to his guards “Sir Barrister is a good man! an honourable man! do him no harm”. Does this mean the word Honourable is of great importance? Well, let’s find out.


The word Honourable is taken from the French word honorable and it’s derived from the Latin word honorabilis meaning “worthy of honour”. What then are the attributes of honour? When someone or the person’s actions are described as honourable, we mean that they are good, deserved to be respected, admired and they keep to their words and promises.


Honourable is predominantly used today as a style associated with the holding of certain senior public offices in the society. To Nigerians, this word is not new to us. Now and then we hear politicians being referred to as Rt Hon. before their names. But have Nigerians taken time to ponder on the meaning of this title? Rt (Right) is an adverb meaning “thoroughly” or “very”, while Hon. (honourable) describes a just man, one who keeps to his/her promises, a person who has the interest of the people at heart and a man who values human lives.


Nigeria is a country purposely blessed by God with abundant natural resources ranging from crude oilcoaliron orelimestonetinzincnatural gasarable land etc., but still the poverty capital of the world with over 89.2 million of its population poor. The reasons for these are not farfetched. All these are a result of mismanagement, bad decision making, greed, lack of vision, neglect, illiteracy and purely wickedness from our so-called politicians who go about bearing the title Rt Hon.


Time and time again, our so-called “Right Honourable(s)” hide their wicked and evil intentions under fake campaign promises. Right Honourable(s) who propagate all sorts of violence just to win elections with no regards for human lives. Leaders who are no respecter of laws. At times, I want to believe the citizens are also the cause of their problems. How many times have we seen Nigerians clustering on campaign grounds to support these same “Honourable(s)” who don’t care about them but their pockets? 


The quicker we, Nigerians, stop having divided opinions about our common problems the better for all of us, because instead of holding our leaders accounting for failing us in all ramification, we instead approach our common problems with sentiments, all in the name of “my tribe’s man” or “a Christians or a Muslims”. Remember this, “a house divided will never stand a chance against the enemy” and the more we keep having sentimental opinions to our common problems, the more we keep letting our leaders bearing titles they don’t represent.


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