Popular Actress Invited for Questioning by Nigerian Police After Risqué Pictures of her Breeds Blasphemous Comment on Islam’s Prophet Mohammed

Rahama Sadau, a popular Nigerian actress has been invited by the Nigerian Police for questioning after she reportedly made a blasphemous comment in one of her bawdy pictures posted on Instagram.

  1. The Inspector of Police ordered that she be thoroughly investigated after she allegedly made the blasphemous on Prophet Mohammed.

The salacious pictures Sadau had posted had led to her fans questioning why choice of dressing which had reportedly led to the blasphemous comments being made

An apology was later issued by the actress, the pictures were as well taken down and the blasphemous comments condemned

The actress had reportedly boycotted her trip to Dubai and had willfully taken herself to the station upon the invitation of the police.

A letter which had been issued by the Principal Staff Officer to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in Kaduna State had requested that adequate steps be taken to ensure that no breach of contract ensued to avoid the breach of peace over the blasphemy

“I am to convey the directive of the Inspector General of Police that you treat proactively with a view to ensuring that the development does not result to any act that could threaten public peace and security.

“The Inspector General of Police further directs that you furnish him with updates, accordingly,” the letter, signed by DCP Idowu Owohunwa, read in part.

Mohammed Jalige, who had been contacted to have a say on the matter had said that he has however on casual leave outside his station

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