Poor Attention to Schools-sports Mars Sports Development

A Lagos based schools sports expert Mr. Oluseyi Oyebode says poor attention to schools sport is one of the reasons the Country is struggling to make headway in sports development. Saying that most schools lack basic facilities required to train students with God given talent.

Mr. Oyebode said this poor attention culminate to poor financing of the sector as previous government did little or nothing to improve on schools sports development.

He called on administrators to identify problems associating with schools sports development, channel such to government for intervention.

He discouraged the act of recycling sports administrators saying this act won’t help the sector moved forward.

Mr. Oyebode said he was motivated in the early 1980s by the many footballs and athletics programmes at the grassroots level targeted at secondary school students. He called for a review of the curriculum so that it could accommodate and suit contemporary sports for proper management of talents.

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