Online sales tips - How to increase and boost your sales

Online sales tips – How to increase and boost your online sales

How to increase and boost your online sales daily depends on your commitment on out to reaching potential customers. Day by day, there is high increase in the Number of ecommerce website build and this leads to increasing competition in online ecommerce company.

So many ecommerce companies releases numbers of offer and coupon day by day expecting an increase and boost on their online Sales.

Are you aware that e-commerce website is a fantastic way to build revenue with very little overhead?

This article is a full online sales tips on how to increase and boost your online sales.

Whether you’re a new business or have been in business for several years, getting more ecommerce sales will benefit your company.

1. Use video demonstrations

Do you know that consumers love videos? yes they do.

In marketing these days, you can’t swing an enthusiastic micro-influencer without hitting someone who’s talking about video content.

As a matter, almost all marketing experts across the globe confirms that video has the highest return on investment compared to other marketing strategies.

Websites that have videos can get the average user to spend 88% more time on their pages.

Also, videos do as well as ads.

This creates an increase in engagement as well as interest in whatever you’re trying to sell.

Videos yields more with people, so it’s likely that they’ll remember what they watched as opposed to just reading about it.

Use product videos on your ecommerce sites to tell the story of your brand

When visitors land on your site for the first time they’re looking for clues as to what makes your brand special and different from all the others.

It goes without saying that visuals play a powerful role here. No amount of clever and quirky copy can convey your story with the same intensity as visuals can. Video is especially helpful in facilitating storytelling.

2. Offer more discounts

Not enough companies are offering discounts to their customers. So, it may sound simple but it isn’t.

Are you worried about your profit margins? just use a marketing strategy that’s as old as time.

Reduce the base price of each product and then put it on sale.

Take a look at this example from jumia

 Online sales tips - How to increase and boost your sales

3. Display your top selling items

Give your customers some direction.

Show them what people are buying the most.

I like it when websites include a “best seller” category on the homepage.

Not everyone browsing your site will know exactly what they’re looking for.

If your company sells a wide range of different products, it can be overwhelming, especially for a new customer.

When someone stumbles upon your site, they may get drawn to products that are popular.

Here’s how jumia does this on their ecommerce site:

 Online sales tips - How to increase and boost your sales

4. Focus on your core values

What does the customer see when they get to your website?

Is it what you sell?

Your company’s mission statement?

Those aren’t effective.

Instead, put more emphasis on value.

Tell your customers what separates your product from similar items on the market, that’s what consumers expects, because they’ll be running through your review.

If you can create a highly effective core value, you’ll be able to drive more sales on your ecommerce site.


If sales are starting to slow down or get stagnant, it’s time for you to come up with some new and creative ways to market products and services on your ecommerce site.

Rather than trying to find new customers, focus your marketing efforts on your existing customer base.

Make sure your website is secure so customers feel comfortable entering their personal information as well as their credit card numbers.

Use video demonstrations to show customers how to use your products.

But if you want to improve those testimonials, add a photograph to them as well.

Offering lots of promotions and advertising during special times of the year, such as the holidays, can help you improve sales.

Create a sense of urgency to entice customers to make an impulse buy.

Don’t forget about mobile users. At the very least, your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

Promote your top selling items.

Come up with a unique and actionable value proposition.

These tips will help you increase and boost sales on your website.

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