Northern Governors Appeals for Social Media to be Censored, Nigerians Kicks Against It

Following the call for Censorship of social media by Northern governors, social media, particularly Twitter has been abuzz with tweets tackled at putting an end to the social media bill

While the Governors concluded that social media has a devastating effect, twitterians are of the opinion that they have the right to speech, to speak up for what they want and should never be shut up

An influencer on Twitter @Trouble Maker wrote- “The #EndSARS protest hit them where they didn’t expect it. Social media was the greatest tool. That is why they are so focused on Social Media Bill than the Massacre going on in Nigeria. We are exposing them on social media, they want to take that away.

Rinu, one of the women who had led the #EndSars protest in Lagos also wrote- “They never expected that we will Soro Soke. E shock them. Now, they want to silence us. That time has passed. We refuse to be gagged”

The northern government have however vowed to do all they can to foster peace and unity in the country.

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