Nigerians Demands for Toscana Hotel To be Shut down on Grounds of Negligence

Miss Adaobi Enechukwu had on Sunday, 31st December walked into Toscana Hotel in Asaba, Delta State Nigeria, where she unfortunately got into a faulty elevator that had been left open while the carrier was down and fell to her death.

The Hotel management have however continued to claim right and have angrily queried the deceased’s family for sharing the story of Adaobi’s death on social media

Mechanically, an elevator door is not supposed to be open till it comes up, but the Toscana elevator had its door open even when it wasn’t up.

It is also alleged that she might have also hit her head as she fell.

The public have also demanded justice for the deceased as well as the arrest and prosecution of the hotel management and demands for the operations on that hotel to be put on hold until justice is duly served

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