Nearby Friends Location On Facebook | Nearby Facebook Friends Location

Near By Friends Location On Facebook | Nearby Facebook Friends Location

Facebook recently updated its mobile App and included a major feature to find out the nearby friends, using the location history and present location of the Facebook app. It will show the list of your friends sorted, based on the distance from your exact location by getting location data from you and your friends. This feature has since been an interesting one, especially useful to the traveling people to find out their friend’s updated location as and when they are using the Facebook App. Activating and using this feature is simple and I can guarantee you that almost everyone can use this feature without any worries.

We will see how to set up and use the location history data and Nearby friends feature in Facebook App.

Open your Facebook app on your smartphone and to go to the Settings screen. There you might be seeing Nearby friends option under favorites which can be used as a shortcut to reach the settings for location history and Nearby friends feature. If your device is already activated by the Nearby friends’ feature, then you can see the nearby friends under the next screen else, you will be prompted to enable this feature ON. We will see here the normal menu way to turn the Nearby friends feature ON.

Go to the bottom of your Settings screen of the Facebook App on your smartphone. There you can see many settings for the App including the App Settings, Newsfeed preferences, Account settings, etc. Open the “Account settings” menu which will be opened in the next screen with a lot of options like General, Security, Privacy, etc.

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In the Account Settings screen, you will find out the “Location” option under the various options given. This screen will open up the location settings screen of the Facebook app on your smartphone. It will be having options like Nearby friends, Place tips, Location history, and your device location settings etc.

In the location settings screen, first, we need to be sure that your device location history is ON. If your device location history is not yet turned ON, then the Facebook app itself will prompt you to turn it ON. Once the device location history is turned ON, then you can turn-on the Facebook location history by tapping the button against it.

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After the Facebook app location history is turned ON, then we can enable the Near by Friends feature by selecting which of the friends we need to see the location in your various groups. Before that, we need to tap on the Enable button to show up the options to select the group. It will show your different groups as an option and you need to specify which group you want to know the location.

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After specifying the group you want to know the location, you can come back to the home screen settings to Tap on the Nearby friends option there. It will open the Nearby friends’ screen and will show the location of your friends reported by the Facebook app.

nearby friends facebook

By tapping on each of the friends, you can control how much duration your location will be reported back to your friends through the Facebook app. You can also stop reporting your location to specific people by tapping on the “compass” button against that person and choosing the “stop” option. Also, you can change the group you want to know the location by tapping on the Settings button on the Nearby friends’ screen.

I hope the usage of this feature is tempting enough for you to try it out. Also kindly share this guide with your friends. I hope it was helpful?

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