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Mesut Ozil Provides Meals for School Children

Mesut Ozil and other footballers, including Marcus Rashford of Manchester United are the at the forefront of a self project to ensure that school children are provided free meals during holidays.

He had been prompted to take up his project several notches, providing 1,400 extra meals everyday after the government rejected a labor bill to extend free school meals

The German footballer, during an exclusive interview said that kids are facing tough situations with regards to food.

“No child should go hungry. That’s the most important thing and wherever I can help I will”, he said.

Ozil’s team, which includes Pappert and project manager Parsa Sadigh, have distributed thousands of meals to families across Brent, Burnt Oak and Edgware – in some of north London’s most deprived communities.

Ozil also went a step further in ensuring that the food distributed to children was healthy and risk free.

The footballer also maintained that healthy meals for children should be a given, and not a privilege

“There’s a real emphasis on making sure the food is healthy, nutritious and also filling. So we’re using the finest organic pasta which my friend Alberto Franceschi sent from Italy,”

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