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Looted Items Recovered by Policemen in Uyo

Several young men have been arrested by the Akwa Ibom state police, who are believed to be accomplices in the looting and raiding that had happened on the 22nd of October, 2020.

Some of the items include; Flat screen televisions, Freezers, Fans, several bags of rice, etc.

The recovered items are on display at the Akwa Ibom state Division Command, Ikot Akpan Abia, Uyo

A lot of businesses and shops were looted yesterday. The streets that had unfortunately received this whiplash were the surrounding streets of Ibom Plaza. Abak road. Aka road. Barracks road. Nwaniba road. Ikot Ekpene road. Etc

Some of the raided shops were the Showroom and Shop by Itam flyover,
Access Bank ATM point, Anchor Insurance Place at Willington Bassey Way (Barracks Road), Access Bank, Zenith Bank, Aka Road, De Choice Mall, Techno House by Ikpa Road, LG Showroom, Ikot Ekpene Road and AKBC Office at Udo Udoma respectively.


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