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Laycon’s victory and its message

Everything they say “has a beginning, has an ending”. The 2020 Big Brother Naija lockdown edition, which had many Nigerians glued to their television screen, came to an end on Sunday, 27th of September. As we know, in every game, a winner always emerges. After 71 days in the Big Brother Naija lockdown house, Laycon, who has been a fan favourite from the beginning of the show, beat Vee, Neo, Nengi and Dorothy to the ultimate prize.

The talented rapper walked away with N30 million cash prize; a top range SUV from Innoson Motors; a two-bedroom apartment etc. and other welfare packages, cumulating to N85 million prize. In addition to this, he won over N6 million from winning house tasks and he became the first housemate to have over 1 million followers on Instagram.

It could have been any of the other 19 housemates, but on this very day it was Laycon. Yes, the show is all about different people from different backgrounds, with different characters, attitudes and views of life, coming together to cohabit. In situations like this, tempers are bound to flare, as housemates try to understand each other and this was obvious in the just concluded lockdown edition as in previous editions.

If there’s one thing we learnt from this show; is that we should never write people off just by their looks. “Never judge a book by its cover” is the quote that best describes Laycon’s situation. He came into the house to promote his music and was written off by some people outside, because they felt he wasn’t as charming and handsome as the other male housemates; even a disqualified housemate reduced him to the level of a “chicken drumstick”, all because of a little misunderstanding.

God’s grace they say is no respecter of human nature, for His grace descends on whoever, in whatever situation and makes the preconceived impossibility possible. Nigerians casted their votes all in favour of the rejected Laycon, because when that book was opened, Nigerians soon saw the richness of its contents. Laycon got a whopping 60% of the cumulated votes, beating his closest rival, Dorathy, by almost twice her vote of 21.85%. The rejected stone, is now the corner stone, right?

For once, I noticed some group of supporters on Facebook actually voting for their favourite housemates without any sentimental attachments. Mind you, theses groups didn’t consist of ethnic or religious exclusive groups such as Muslims, Christians, Igbos, Hausas or Yoruba only groups, but were of mixed ethnicity, religions, states etc. all voting for who they preferred, unlike when it comes to elections in Nigeria.

That tells us that if we, as youths, can set aside our religious and tribal sentiments, we can actually cause a positive change in Nigeria. Our leaders know we are not united, so they continue to fuel religious and tribal conflicts amongst us, in-order to continue sucking Nigeria dry. A divided house they say will never stand a chance against the enemy. If we don’t set aside our religious and ethnic differences, we will give these self-centred so-called leaders the opportunity to continue ruining our future.


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