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Lady Shares Her Experience With Bolt Driver. Warns Riders to Be Careful


A lady had taken to twitter to report the ordeal she had gone through in the hands of bolt a driver.

She wrote- ” I work on the mainland, so I had to leave the island really early to beat traffic. I got a taxify because my Uber app kept glitching while I tried to request a cab and I honestly didn’t have time to waste. When my driver (Adebayo) came, I told him I needed to get some cash from the atm. About ten minutes into the ride, (approx 5:20am), I noticed we had passed by two ATMs and I reminded him. He told me we could use the UBA at chevron and I said okay.

He received a phone call (from a supposed
rider, and was basically giving him/her his
exact location). I was uncomfortable with the details he was giving out ,so I told him to find a place by the road side to park so I could alight.

Unbeknownst to him, I had already started
getting another ride with my other phone
because I just had a very bad feeling. I spoke to the driver (while I tried to withdraw cash) and told him exactly where to meet me, so I wouldn’t have to bring out any of my phones, as it was still really dark.

During his phonecall, Mr Adebayo had
informed his “client” that he/she would see
him shortly so it was a bit surprising to me,
when after over five minutes of alighting from his car, he was still parked in the same spot.

I found that a bit suspicious so I walked
backwards . He caught me staring at his car and he drove forward (not more than 5
meters). I instantly became paranoid and tried to walk towards the light, hoping my second driver would come ASAP.

As I walked, a small car drove past me with full speed, and two men jumped out charging towards me. The driver of this car never turned off the ignition. At this point, my fears were confirmed. One of the men ran towards me and tried to grab my hand. He kept yelling “Oya come with me, are you mad, come with me!”

I was terrified and I ran right in the
middle of the road, with cars speeding and
some swerving to avoid running into me.This was at the traffic light at chevron drive. Me running into the middle of the road didn’t deter my assailant, as he kept dodging cars too, to get me. During this “chase” , my phone fell and I still kept screaming for help because he
had a gun. I was a bit relieved that he would reach out for the iPhone and let me be but he STILL wanted to pull me towards his vehicle.

The cars at the other side could see what was going on and some started honking while others opened their car doors for me to jump in. He grabbed me one more time and kept telling me to follow him or he would kill me.

I released myself from his grip when I noticed his eyes had darted towards another direction where some men had started running towards us and and I attempted to run to the other side of the road where there were more lights.

His last attempt to take me was by pulling at my hair (which he had assumed was a sew-in but unfortunately for him, was a wig ).

The force with which he pulled at my hair which came off, made him stagger and I was able to get to the other side of the road.

He ran quickly to avoid being chased and his car and the blue corolla ADEBAYO was in, sped off.

I am extremely traumatized . I’ve never been in any situation like that and till this morning, I’d never seen a gun up close. I’m distraught, been unable to eat, work or do anything all day as these events keep replaying in my

I’ve tried to sleep but I keep seeing his
face in my sleep & I don’t know how quickly I can move past this. I’m grateful it didn’t get worse than this, as I could’ve easily become another missing person, who turned up dead.

I have reported this driver to BOLT, with
evidence of his involvement (text messages that would further elongate this story) and I have been encouraged to file a police report so they can be brought to book.

I’m not the type to put out too much on social media as I do not like the attention, so I’d been contemplating putting this up because I honestly do not need the drama that ensues with stories like these , but I’ve been persuaded to and I am now convinced that it is the right thing to do.

I could be saving someone’s life. Please always be alert, follow
your gut and stay safe in general. I’m indeed really grateful that the only things I lost were material things and I am alive and well.

Please stay safe


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