Kaduna State Governor, His Intentions about Becoming Governor

Nasir El-rufai has stated that his intentions for becoming governor was not to defraud and cheat the people that had voted him into power.

This statement was reportedly made in lieu of the looting of palliative warehouses in Kaduna.

The governor said he is however inclined to bringing development to the state and ensuring that the people enjoy dividends of democracy under his leadership

El-rufai also addressed the youth leaders as well as the stakeholders acroos the 23 local government areas of the state during the weekend about the essence of peaceful coexistence

He also cleared the minds of the people on whether or not the members of his cabinet amass wealth, stating in clear terms that his members do not own mansions after taking up government jobs

“I challenge anyone to tell me if I have built a house, bought plot of land since I became governor. I have not taken a penny from the State and put in my personal account.

“I have not built a house since I became the governor because that is not why I am in government.

“The same thing with my deputy, she does not own a house in Kaduna. It is about now that I am trying to get her one because we brought her from Abuja to serve the State.

“I can speak for others; I challenge anyone to tell me if any of my Commissioners own a mansion.

“Look at my Commissioners, none of them own a mansion. Why should we amass wealth when we are all quarter to go, we are all quarter to go, except the Commissioner for Internal security and Home Affairs who is much younger than the rest of us.

“We are not like that, we are not in government to steal, and I am not saying so to spite anybody. We want Kaduna to be the centre of Nigeria, we want everyone to come to Kaduna and live”. El-rufai said.


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