How to Deactivate My Facebook Account - Deactivating My FB Account

How to Deactivate My Facebook Account

Facebook account can be deactivated either temporarily or even permanently.
We all believe that Facebook is the most straightforward way to reach our family and loved ones, but at times, that notion isn’t correct.
A friend once updated his status as ” Life was very cool until a friend asked me to sign up for a Facebook account.”
This got me laughing, but you’ll realize it made a lot of sense.
I remember what a friend posted before he deleted his account, and I quote, “I once had a life until someone asked me to create a Facebook account” – It sounded funny but true.
It makes keeping in touch, hanging out, visitations are difficult as it requires just you and your device.
With this been said, let us look at the possible ways of deactivating your Facebook accounts to give you the desired break.

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How To Deactivate My Facebook Account

You can choose to deactivate your account temporarily or permanently, depending on your interest.

“How To Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily”

Locate the account menu at the top right on the Facebook page and click
Click on Settings
Tap on Your Facebook Information in the left column – go here:

Click on the Deactivation/Deletion tab and follow the steps to complete the process.
How to Deactivate My Facebook Account - Deactivating My FB Account
Note: When your Facebook has been deactivated, no friend will be able to chat with you, view your profile, nor see any activity from you during this period. You can always reactivate the account.
Should you choose to delete your Facebook accounts permanently and not just deactivate, check our recent article on “How to deactivate/delete my Facebook account permanently.”

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