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 All effort and time have been put into connecting with all the people we have, so we stay on Facebook and deal with the things we do not like about it– especially, things like game and app notices that you could not care less about, and getting them over and over and over and over to boot.

If you’re finished with the entire palaver of attempting to determine how to stop those frustrating alerts, you’ll be happy to know there are a number of ways you can tackle it. The first technique is something you can work out as quickly as you see a notification from an app/game you desire to obstruct.

The second technique is a method for you to quickly scan through an entire lot of previous notifications and go on an app/game-blocking frenzy. Seem like happy, scrumptious enjoyable? Certainly.

Erase Notifications On Facebook

How To Clear Facebook Notifications


1: Click your “alerts” globe in the upper-left-hand corner of Facebook. When you see the app/game notice you wish to obstruct, hover over it and an ‘X’ will appear. Click that ‘X’.

2: After clicking the ‘X’, you’ll be given a choice to either turn off notices from that app/game, or keep them on. Your mission, must you opt to accept it, is to click the “Switch off” button.

3: You must now see a message mentioning that you’ll no longer get notifications from that specific app/game.


1: Click your “notices” world in the upper-left-hand corner of Facebook. Next, click “See All” to be taken to a page showing a great deal of your current notifications.

2: You can rapidly recognize game/app demands by taking a look at the icons on the left-hand side (I have actually outlined the “Words with Buddies” icon as an example). As soon as you identify an app/game alert you want to block, simply hover over it and an ‘X’ will appear. Click that ‘X’, then click “Switch off.”


With that said, if you ‘d be so kind, please pass this info along to your fellow Facebook pals, family, fans, and fans alike.

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