How States in Nigeria Got their Slogans

How States in Nigeria Got their Slogans: List of Nigerian States, Capitals and their Slogans

How States in Nigeria Got their Slogans – Nigeria is a country in West Africa that is formally known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is bordered on the north by Niger, on the northeast by Chad, on the east by Cameroon, and on the west by Benin. Its southern coast runs along the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Guinea. Nigeria is a federal republic made up of 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, which includes Abuja, the country’s capital. Lagos is the largest metropolis in Nigeria and on the African continent.

It is one of the world’s major metropolitan regions. Nigeria, with a population of 211 million people and a land area of 923,769 square kilometers, is Africa’s most populous country. Nigeria is the 32nd largest country by area and the 7th largest by population in the world. Nigeria is one of the most cosmopolitan and ethnically diverse countries on the planet. Nigeria has the continent’s largest economy by nominal GDP, surpassing Egypt and South Africa, and has the world’s 27th largest nominal GDP.

The 36 states of the Nigerian federation, along with their capitals, make up the 36 states of the Nigerian federation. Nigeria’s 36 states are divided into six geopolitical zones: the South West, the South-South, the South East, the North West, the North East, and the North Central. Aside from the geopolitical zoning scheme, each Nigerian state has its own slogan.

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT), also known as Abuja, is not considered a state in Nigeria, but rather the country’s capital. The FCT is not administered by a state government, but rather by the president, who is the country’s most powerful figure.

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How States in Nigeria Got their Slogans

Some state slogans in Nigeria have historical/religious/cultural or occupational undertones to them. For example, states that take pride in farming have something related to farming in their slogan. A good example is Benue whose slogan is ‘The Food Basket of the Nation‘. Another example is Ebonyi‘s slogan, ‘The salt of the Nation‘, signifying the huge presence of Salt in the state. Royal Salt company is situated in Ebonyi.

List of States in Nigeria, Capitals, Slogan & Year of Creation

Below is a list of all Nigerian states and capitals as well as their slogans and the year of creation:

S/N State               Capital            Slogan                              Year of Creation
1. Abia                    Umuahia          God’s own State                       1991
2. Adamawa            Yola                 Highest peak of the nation         1991
3. Akwa Ibom          Uyo                 Land of promise                        1987
4. Anambra            Awka                Light of the nation                     1991
5. Bauchi               Bauchi               Pearl of Tourism                        1976
6. Bayelsa             Yenagoa            The Glory of All Lands                1996
7. Benue               Makurdi             Food basket of the Nation           1996
8. Borno               Maiduguri           Home of peace                          1976
9. Cross River       Calabar              The people’s paradise                 1967
10. Delta             Asaba                 The Finger of God                       1991
11. Ebonyi           Abakaliki             The salt of the Nation                 1996
1.2 Edo               Benin City            The Heart Beat of the Nation      1991
13. Ekiti              Ado – Ekiti            Land of honour and integrity       1996
14. Enugu           Enugu                   Coal City State                          1991
15. Gombe          Gombe                 Jewel in the Savannah                1996
16. Imo              Owerri                  Eastern heartland                       1976
17. Jigawa           Dutse                  The New World                           1991
18. Kaduna          Kaduna                Centre of learning                      1967
19. Kano             Kano                    Centre of Commerce                   1967
20. Katsina          Katsina                State of Hospitality                      1987
21. Kebbi            Birnin Kebbi          Land of Equity                            1991
22. Kogi              Lokoja                  The Confluence State                  1991
23. Kwara           Ilorin                     The state of Harmony                 1967
24. Lagos           Ikeja                     Centre of Excellence                    1967
25. Nasarawa      Lafia                     The home of Solid Minerals          1996
26. Niger            Minna                    The power State                         1976
27. Ogun           Abeokuta                The Gateway State                     1976
28. Ondo           Akure                      The Sunshine State                    1976
29. Osun            Oshogbo                  Land of virtue                           1991
30. Oyo             Ibadan                     The pacesetter State                 1991
31. Plateau        Jos                           Home of peace and tourism       1976
32. Rivers          Port Harcourt             Treasure base of the Nation      1967
33. Sokoto         Sokoto                      Seat of the Caliphate                1976
34. Taraba         Jalingo                       Nature’s gift to the Nation         1991
35. Yobe            Damaturu                   Pride of the Sahel                    1991
36. Zamfara       Gusau                        Farming is our pride                 1996

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