FACEBOOK HOOKUP WEBSITE – FIND YOUR SOULMATE ON FACEBOOK DATING SITE – Dating on Facebook is not something new, And the way Facebook users are increasing by number is actually turning Facebook the best place to find your true love. Finding a date on Facebook is not that easy.

If you are a girl or a guy and You’ve never poked a girl/guy on Facebook whom you liked, Now is time to take your likeness to next level and poke the girl/guy or better ask him/her for a date. This is quite simple but you have to follow some rules to pick the best date on Facebook and go out for a romantic dinner with your hot Facebook friend. learn how we can find a hot date on Facebook.


How to Find Your Perfect Date on Facebook – To start, You simply visit your friend’s profile. While doing That Suddenly you were stuck on a pretty/handsome face smiling at you from a display picture. Did your heart just skip a beat? Now that you know his/her name, her basic information, let us move on to the next step. Singles on Facebook generally get loads on friend requests each day which they prefer to ignore for good. There is a good chance of you getting into the black-hole of thousands of such requests. Do remember, Facebook relationship is for speed dating and in most of the cases, don’t expect it to last forever. (Though, there could be an exceptional Facebook love story). So here is Single Facebook user dating guide:


1. Word of caution

Do not send a friend request straight away, as there are chances of you getting blocked and being marked as a spam. My dear friends trust me it is not an easy task to find a date on Facebook. You have to slog and use all your charm to woo that special one. Do not go with your impulse and post a message on her/his wall directly that will only make things go away from you. Any guy or girl likes to go to a confident and nice date and a desperate message will kill all the suspense and romance which are yet to come.

2. Poke The One Found

When you Poke, And you logout and on getting back you got the poke back, here comes the serious part that he/she has already being going through your profile and must have seen you.

3. Get to Know The One You Found

After the poke has been done 2-4 times, Now you need to start messaging he/she and you need to make a good conversation and you have to be droll eg. “Hey Chum, How Are You?

4. Your Humor

When He/She Finally replies, You have to start messaging he/she try to make he/she feel relax with you and try making know you want a friend request. Something like “Hey Can I Be Your Friend”? and you have to be Interesting, Funny, and Witty to make he/she to reply.

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