Hoodlums Hijack Protest in Uyo

Anchor Insurance Building. Barracks road, Uyo

The protest that had been staged in Uyo on the 22nd of October, 2020 had been hijacked by hooligans.

Youths had rallied around plaza around midday yesterday to stage a protest that had been on going for about a fortnight.

The youths had sang the National anthem moments before moving to the different parts of town to protest.

They’d reconvened again at plaza to disperse. The hooligans who had been lurking around had started to stir trouble. Breaking into shops, phone houses to loot.

Pedestrians had been seen running helter skelter for safety. The town had been agog with chaos.

The intervention of soldiers had seen to it that the massive looting and robbery had stopped has the hoodlums had escaped upon seeing the soldiers.

A great deal of harm had been done before then. The Anchor Insurance building had been partially set on fire. The general mall had also been looted

Had the soldiers not intervened, it would have been worse

Anchor Insurance Building, barracks road

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