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Federal Government On Social Media Regulation  

The Federal Government have promised to ensure that the incessant “fake news” on social platforms in Nigeria is curbed, and done so, within the legal framework

The federal government on Monday had also added that they’ll work hand in hand with the National Assembly in ensuring that this is done

The Minister of Youth and Sport, Sunday Dare said that other countries had taken certain measures as well as strategic decisions in controlling the cyberspace, Nigeria however was yet to do so

According to him, the government had the option of shutting down the social media space in Nigeria during the #EndSARS protests but chose not to tread the path, adding that the National Assembly will do justice to the proposed regulation of the social media to guard against the spread of fake news.

In Dare’s opinion, the government would have shut down social media at the time of the #EndSars protest if they had wished to, but had chose not to do it.

The minister also added that justice will be done to the proposed regulation of the social of the social media to guard against the spread of fake news.

“The issue of fake news is bothersome for the government and the protests brought home the dangers of fake news.

“The talk around regulation, of course, we have a National Assembly, it will have to go through the normal process. We have a constitution, we have to make sure it does not violate certain provisions of the constitution that has to do with freedom of expression.

“Where you have fake news destroying lives, the government has a responsibility to make sure that there is a level of control. It is not censorship but some level of control,” he said

Dare said that although the internet is beneficial, the country still have to find means of controlling fake news.

“There must be some level of responsibility and some level of punishment to those that will create chaos out of mischief in our country.”

He minister also commended the youths for using social media to lend their voices against Police brutality, but he however said that the plan to regulate had been around for a while

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