Facebook Workplace Rolls Out New features

Facebook workplace-One of the most used social media networks in the world today is Facebook. And they have come up with some latest features/updates for its professional workplace platform including the Chat app and the dark mode options.

As of May, it was stated that there were up to 5 million users on the Facebook workplace. Earlier last year, many users on Facebook were not comfortable with connecting their businesses to Facebook. Not until the world was hit with the pandemic, which almost shut down the world entirely. Some business users have now had problems with accessing their clients and customers. This is Because most countries went into Lockdown in other to avoid the spread of the virus. Many businesses had no other working option, but to continue their daily activity online. So this has boosted the number of users on Facebook workplace forcing the organisation to add some more features/tools  in order to make the platform look more responsive for its numerous users.

This update will make facebook workplace chat app especially on iOS devices more easier to access, faster, and compatible unlike, the current app. The desktop version is going to be made faster to navigate through like the mobile version. Although there is an already existing chat app that has some of these features mentioned above, But the newly updated chat app will look cooler than what we have now presently.


Facebook Workplace dark mode


Another Update that will be coming our way on the Facebook workplace chat app is the dark version. We have experienced the dark mode on Whatsapp, Telegram, and some other apps. After this update, dark mode will be available on the Facebook workplace. The fun fact is that the dark mode will be on desktop and mobile devices.

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The question you might want to ask

The question on your mind now would be, When will Facebook bring out the dark feature to the main app? No worries about that, it’s being worked on. And soon you will be able to apply the dark mode on the main app.



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