Facebook Marketing - Free Tools To Grow Your Business On Facebook

Facebook Marketing – Free Tools To Grow Your Business On Facebook

Facebook Marketing still offers the best marketing opportunities on the world’s biggest social network, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Therefore, Spending time learning Facebook marketing is worth the investment.

Facebook currently has over 2 billion active users on a monthly basis. And there’s a good chance you’ll be able to reach and communicate with your target audience via Facebook as small business owners and brand managers.

In this post, you will discover the different free tools you can use to grow your business on Facebook

Facebook Marketing - Free Tools To Grow Your Business On Facebook

Facebook provides tools to develop your brand, grow your business, and manage your advertising strategy. Let’s explore the free tools you can use directly from your Page.

1. Post and connect

Posts: You can post pictures, videos, polls and milestones to engage with your customers.

Posts are the quickest way to communicate with your audience and reach potential customers.

You’ll get the most out of your Page when your audience sees that you’re active, and posts are a free way to do that. Anyone who visits your Page should see a post that is both recent and meaningful.

If you don’t have a particular promotion or post in mind, explore tips for posts on your Page.

Benefits of Page posts

  • New and frequent posts tell your audience that you’re active, legitimate and care about them as customers. Old or expired posts could imply your business isn’t active or investing the time to drive business value.
  • The more relatable your content is, the more you can connect with your audience. When potential customers see that you’re posting content that matters to them, they could be more likely to become followers of your Page or trust your business.

Features of Page posts

  • Post scheduling: You can create a post and schedule it to publish on your Page in the future. Admins and editors who help manage your Page can also create and edit scheduled posts. Remember that all times for scheduling correspond to your current time zone. Learn more about scheduling posts.
  • Pin significant posts: If you have major news or an announcement, pin it to the top of your Page. Anyone that visits will see it first. Pinned posts can encourage engagement or inform customers of upcoming changes or events.

Who can see your Page posts?

  • Only people who look at your Page can see your Page posts. Your Page and profile are entirely separate. Unless you share your Page post on your personal profile, your friends won’t see it

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2. Stories

Similar to Instagram Stories, Page Stories let you share pictures and short videos. Use Stories to bring your audience behind the scenes. Learn more about Page Stories.

Creating Stories and Stories ads is a great way for businesses to engage people:

  • More than half the people on Instagram globally use Stories as well as Feed daily.
  • More than half of the people surveyed who use Stories said they are making more online purchases as a result.
  • Some 68% of people surveyed said they use Stories on three or more apps at least once a wee

How stories inspire shopping

The stories format enables people to express themselves creatively, experience moments outside their everyday lives and feel part of a bigger community, our survey indicated.

It also offers them an opportunity to engage with both other people and brands.

Through stories, a shopper might discover a new clothing line, see a series of personal finance tips or enjoy behind-the-scenes glimpses of how their favorite snacks are made.

Here’s what you need to know about how the stories format—defined in a survey as photos and videos temporarily viewed or shared for 24 hours on social media—fuels the purchase process, and what shoppers want to see in stories from brands.

The insights are based on a Facebook IQ-commissioned survey by Ipsos of more than 18,000 people between the ages of 13–54 across 12 countries who self-reported using stories on Facebook’s family of apps. Many used stories on multiple social media platforms.

68% of people surveyed said they use stories on three or more apps at least once a week.

Facebook Marketing - Free Tools To Grow Your Business On Facebook

Stories also help marketers forge stronger connections with brands and people and guide shoppers.

About 1 in 2 people surveyed who use stories said stories have strengthened their relationships with brands, and many indicated that stories propel them through the purchase process.

What makes brand stories stand out?

According to Facebook’s survey, there are a few key elements that make stories from brands capture people’s attention.

Facebook Marketing - Free Tools To Grow Your Business On Facebook

3. Inbox

Inbox puts all of your communication in one place so you won’t miss connections with potential customers.

  • Messenger: Use Messenger to reach people at scale, then continue to interact with them individually.
  • Instagram Direct: Communicate directly with people interested in your business on Instagram.
  • Comments: Inbox includes comments from your Facebook Page and Instagram account (if connected). If you select a comment, you can see which post or picture it references.

Across 8 markets surveyed globally, 51% of people say that messaging has replaced other forms of communication. Being able to message a brand makes people feel more confident and connected with the business.

The Page Inbox offers a single location to manage the messages your business receives on Messenger and Instagram. With Inbox, you can:

  • Read and reply to messages from a mobile device or your computer.
  • Save time by using a single surface to manage communication.
  • Use tools to manage and organize your messages.
  • See Facebook and Instagram comments, visitor Page posts and Page recommendations.

Business Inbox in Messenger

Business Inbox is a mobile tool to help you manage your business communication directly from your Messenger app. Build stronger trust and relationships with your audience by replying quickly to their questions and concerns. You can easily switch between your personal and business account, and receive notifications so you never miss a message.

Learn how to open the Business Inbox.


Around 1.3 billion people use Messenger every month, with 20 billion messages exchanged between people and businesses. You can use Messenger to generate leads, complete transactions, increase awareness or reengage customers. You can also use automated tools in Messenger

Instagram Direct

Most people on Instagram follow at least one business. About 150 million people have a conversation with a business each month. Use Instagram Direct to communicate privately with customers or respond to people who see your Stories and posts and want more information, like your website or how to make purchases.

4. Groups

Groups provide a space to communicate with a select group of people who care about your products and services. Use groups to connect over shared interests, start discussion forums and set up a calendar to stay organized.

Special Business tools On Facebook For Facebook Marketing

  • Appointments: If you’re a local service provider, you can let customers book appointments directly on Facebook. You can also use this tool to see appointment records and manage your calendar.
  • Events: Events can help you get your promotion, like a sale or new product release, on someone’s calendar. When one of your followers marks that they’re interested in your upcoming event, we’ll remind them the day of.
  • Jobs on Facebook: This tool helps you reach, engage and hire the best candidates. You can manage all of your job postings from one place on your Page.
  • Shops: The Facebook shop tool helps you share your inventory or services with customers and simplify the buying process, all from one location. Your audience can buy directly from their desktop or mobile device. It’s ideal for businesses and advertisers who want to reach customers on Facebook.

With Facebook Marketing, You can reach your target audience faster than you’d ever imagine, take advantage of the free Facebook tools, and get the necessary conversion to boost your business.


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