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The Facebook Ludo game is an online multiplayer game that has recently been added to the platform.  With the Facebook Ludo game, you stand a chance to join the club of players in this premium dice game catching fun and enjoying the amazing moment. If you have been a real-time fan of games, then there is no doubt you must have heard about the Ludo game.

A large number of people play this game and right now, it is possible to play and enjoy online. So if you and your friends are far away from each other, you can still choose to enjoy the moment and play this game.

Facebook Ludo

Since Facebook’s inception, the platform has been known as a social media platform for chats, messages, posting of pictures and the likes, but these days, Facebook is rolling out several features which makes it possible for you to engage in so many other activities on the platform. One of the amazing new features available on Facebook is the Facebook Ludo Club. A large number of people have joined the Facebook gameroom enjoying countless of free games online. So this is an opportunity for you to be a part of the fun catching moments on the platform.

The Facebook Ludo club has several features you will love. You can play this dice game with your friends and family by simply sending invites on Facebook. It is absolutely free and uses very little data to run smoothly. It is possible for you to enjoy this amazing game moment from your smartphone or computer device.

Those are not the only features you get to enjoy, on the platform, you also get to chat with other players right on the game board. Isn’t that amazing? If you are just set for some real-time fun, stay right on this article as we tell you more about the Ludo game within this social platform.

Ludo Game Online Facebook

Where can you find the Facebook Ludo game? As long as you are a Facebook user and have a Facebook app, you are just good to go. As long as you’ve got Messenger on your smartphone or laptop, you are also good to go. In a few and easy steps, you are able to find this game and invite at most 3 other friends to play with you.

To all game lovers out there, quickly get on your Facebook apps to enjoy amazing moments with your friends and family. Follow these steps:

Facebook Ludo Game

The Facebook Ludo game is one of the most interesting games on the platform. This game is played with four parts that have different colors. The movement of this game is controlled using 2 dices. They both have numbers 1 – 6. Throw your dices to get a number and move your seeds to the same numbers.

It is a multi-player game, which is designed mainly as a four-player game. That’s how it works. So, if you’ve got 3 other friends that you would love to play with, check the next part of this article.

Ludo Game

There is absolutely no doubt that so many countries are facing a strict lockdown due to this pandemic outbreak. So many people are currently on social distancing, working from home, and looking for so many ways to keep themselves entertained. So, if the boredom is really killing you, then there are certain games that you can play with your friends while observing social distancing. Games on Facebook are just the best to play without any stress.

Ludo is one popular and classic game that two to four players can play. It is a fun game that you can play anytime and anywhere, using your smartphone or laptop. So, if you are just set, you can play the Ludo Club or Ludo King using your Facebook app. The Facebook Ludo game is fully available on Messenger.

How to Play Facebook Ludo Game

In simple and easy steps, you can invite your friends to build up the amazing moment. Let’s check out the steps right away.

  •  On your smartphone or PC, get on the Latest Facebook Version
  •  Tap on the three horizontal lines on the right side of your news feed.
  •  From the options on the page, scroll down to select “Gaming”.
  •  Search for the “Ludo Club” or “Ludo King”.
  •  Hit on the “Play Now” button.
  •  Select “Play with Friends”.

If you follow all these instructions to detail, you will easily get and enjoy this feature. I hope this guide was helpful?

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