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Are you a game developer on Facebook, or you’re having issues related to the games you developed on the Gameroom games or to the Facebook web i.e. the instant game? Well, you need to worry about that. With Facebook game support, you can eventually find answers or solutions to common issues. Relating your game on the Facebook web or Gameroom games. However, Facebook welcome all game developer to the Facebook game support. Where they can meet the Facebook games teams to get solutions

On the contrary, Facebook game support is a solution center where you can find popular developers topics linked with the gaming platforms on Facebook. If you have any issues or question concerning the Facebook web game or the Gameroom. The game support offers you strong chance contents and also guidance on how you can resolve the issues. Well, you can also say the Facebook game support is more of like the Facebook help center. Where answers and questions are already made.

Features of Game to Get Supports from on Facebook

Although, Facebook game support covers every aspect of the games on Facebook. For each feature of games, for instance, Gameroom. You can see questions like “how can I publish my game on Gameroom. Or are there plans for Facebook Gameroom to supports Mac and Linux, and lot more with answers alongside each question. Other features include:

  • General app support: here you can view answers to questions like “Why was my app restricted or disabled. Or how can I try my app to another account and lots more?
  • Featuring: this helps you with issues concerning ways in which you can get featured on the Facebook Gameroom, facbeook.com/games and also on the messenger app.
  • Page: Perhaps you were unable to access your game page on Facebook. Or anything that as to do with your gaming page, the game support helps you with that.
  • Payment and Compliance: In case you are having issues with updating your bank account information. Perhaps other issues concerning your payment & compliance you can visit the support center for solutions.

Above all, the Facebook game support search allows you to search for issues that you need not only to resolve issues but also learn some feature you’re familiar with. Note you can also submit an appeal whenever you don’t see solutions to your problem from the feature.

How to Submit a Request for Facebook Games Related Issues

Go to this link www.developers.facebook.com/docs/games/gamesonfacebook/faq/ on your web browser. Then you have finally accessed the Facebook game support and to submit a request you can scroll down. In the section that indicates Facebook game Support, you can then choose issues that as to do with your Facebook games and fill out the form in other to submit an appeal or request.

However, in case you still haven’t resolved your issues. You can view the Facebook Game Communities below to also explore other game developers to ask questions based on issues you’re facing.

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