Facebook Dating App Application – Dating App Application on Facebook

Have you heard of the Facebook Dating App Application? This is one famous app that is used all over the world by billions of people. However, not everyone knows about this dating service. This app has launched a dating service for singles. These dating services allow singles around you and far away to get connected to each other, pursue romance connections and build up a long-lasting relationship for each other. This dating service is not yet launched in all locations. But, if it is available in your location, then you should waste no time. There are millions of singles already making use of it. There is no doubt that something effective is going on there!

Facebook Dating App Application

How the Facebook Dating App Application Works

I know you are reading this article right now to get more information and details about this. So, with this, my article of today will certainly serve as a huge guide for you. In this case, I want you to get this straight. There is no separate dating app application for the dating service. The dating services take place right on the main Facebook app. The Facebook app hosts this dating service right on its app. This is why it is called the Facebook Dating App Application. This is how it works.

With you knowing this, let’s move further. For you to get started with the dating service on the Facebook app, you will have to download the main Facebook app and get your Facebook account. Using this Facebook account, you can be able to set up your dating profile. This dating profile will give you access to the dating home. In this dating home, you can get to meet millions of singles.

How to Download the Facebook App

If you have been following my article carefully, you should understand that the dating app is the main Facebook app itself. So, there is no separate or stand-alone dating app.

To get started, you will have to download the Facebook app into your Android or IOS device. It does not end there. Once you have this app, you also have to create your Facebook account. Let’s get you started.

For Android and IOS Devices

Android and IOS devices users are able to get the Facebook app into their device. Follow the steps carefully to get your Facebook app running.

  • On your Android or IOS device, visit your play store/app store.
  • With the search bar on the homepage, search for Facebook.
  • You will find the Facebook app on the next page. Click on the app.
  • To proceed with the download, click on INSTALL or GET.
  • Let the download begin. Once the download is done, open the app and create your Facebook account.

Now, you have your Facebook app and account, let’s move on to setting up your dating profile in this app.

How to Use Facebook Dating – Facebook Dating App Application

The Facebook Dating App Application refers to the main Facebook app featuring the dating service. So, now you have gotten your Facebook app and Facebook account. You can now proceed to setting up your dating profile using the Facebook app and account.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

  • Open the Facebook app and log in to your account.
  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • At the top right side of the profile, click on the Heart icon.
  • In the dating home, set up your dating profile.
  • Provide your name, gender, location, and interest. Click on Confirm, when you are done.

Now, you have confirmed your dating profile. You can get connected to other singles of your interest! That’s how the Facebook Dating App Application works. Get started right away!

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