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Instagram Reels: Creating an Interesting Instagram Reels in 2021

What is Instagram Reels

Reels is a new feature that has been rolled out by Instagram which lets people create short-form videos set to music that can be shared with friends and followers while browsing the app, to increase the actual users of the app and the time they spend on the app. This has been rumored by some people as a way of kicking Tiktok out of business, because of the similarities which they share.

Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels



It allows people to record videos of about 15 seconds or thereabout with the addition of any popular music of your choice, some filters and effects, and some other cool features which are entertaining. Instagram has also rebuilt its explore page in other to accommodate the new feature(Reels) which is also located at the top of the screen for easy access to users. Until now reel is also available to people in India.

Some simple steps on how to create an Instagram reels

  • The first step in creating a reel would be updating your Instagram app so you can catch up with this moving trend.
  • Next, open the Instagram camera in order to create an Instagram story.
  • The Instagram reels feature is located next to boomerang, superzoom, hands-free, and layout. After that, you select the music of your choice from the Instagram music library.
  • You can also do some more editing on your reel using AR effects, Timer, speed, and so on. Reels can be deleted if they aren’t satisfactory to the user.
  • When done with creating your Reel, it can be shared with your followers to view them or on the Feed for everyone on Instagram to see.

Tips to making an interesting Instagram reel video

  • Choose a good looking background
  • Use a tripod to create a more professional video
  • Try out all available filters/effects till you get the one that suits the moment.
  • Use a device with a quality camera focus.
  • Try Reel with friends

Keynotes about Instagram reel

  1. If reels are shared, it disappears within 24hours when shared on stories but if shared on Feeds, it stays throughout.
  2. Instagram Reels are limited to 15sec just like TikTok
  3. You can also tag friends to your Reel
  4. Funny enough this is another way to make people spend more time on Instagram.


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