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Covenant University School Fees

Covenant University School fees for new and returning aspiring students for the 2020/2021 academic session has been released by the school authority. Therefore all Covenant University prospective students who were successful during the post UTME screening exercise and gained admission into Covenant University are advised to go through the school fees schedule before paying for the acceptance fee.


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If an impeccable academic quality, enjoyable social life-style, and opportunity to develop fantastic skills and long-lasting connections by networking with great minds are factors you consider before selecting a tertiary institution for your wards, children, or yourself, then the Covenant University should definitely be one of the top private schools on your list.

It is not just about the Covenant University beautiful environment; the vibe is beyond the goosebumps you get when you walk through the campus gate; it’s stronger than the hype surrounding the historical name; it is the general feeling about the institution. Covenant University combines academic excellence with an amazing social lifestyle, emphasizing that vocational activities are a core part of tertiary education, one culture few Federal, Private, and State schools are yet to adopt.


The table below itemizes the Covenant University School fees schedule for new and returning students for the 2020/2021 academic year. The Covenant University fees, as seen in the table below, include Accommodation fees, ICT fees, library fees, acceptance fees, and a host of other fees payable.


Please note that the acceptance Covenant University fee is to be paid first as a proof of acceptance of the provisional admission from JAMB. See below the table for the acceptance Covenant University fee payment details.

Covenant University prospective students are by this information advised to read through to get all necessary information needed in paying tuition fees on time.


Late payment of fees would attract extra charges, and further delays in paying the stipulated fees on time may lead to the student’s inability to partake for the Covenant University semester examination.

Upon reading this information concerning Covenant University school fees, you would be clear about the following;


  1. Covenant University acceptance fee for New students 2020/2021 Academic session
  2. Covenant University school fees for Returning students 2020/2021 Academic session
  3. School Fees for Science and Non-Science courses in Covenant University
  4. Covenant University school fees for New students 2020/21 Academic session
  5. Other charges and fees, as seen in this post.


Covenant University School Fees (Current Session)

Covenant University proudly stands among universities with cheap school fees in the country. Along with top universities like Madonna, UI, UNIlorin, Igbinedion, OAU, ABU, and a few other Federal Institutions, Covenant University was built to support education in the country; hence, the need to make the fees generally affordable for people.

The list below shows the current school fees of students at Covenant University. The list extensively breaks down the payment structure of the school.



Covenant University school fees have become necessary as a year in year out; new students are being admitted into several federal, private and state institutions without first having the knowledge of the financial demands of the institution just like Covenant University as the case is right now.


Several things come to mind of aspiring students of any tertiary institution for any academic session, and definitely, there are a lot of criteria you must consider before even choosing your dream school.

You may want to consider the academic calendar (How fast it is), location, scholarship, and importantly, the school/tuition fees.

In this post, we will center our focus majorly on school fees for Covenant University today since your financial strength, or that of your sponsors, has to be considered before thinking of choosing any school.

Currently, Covenant University is still one of the schools that has the cheapest school fees considering what it offers. We are going to consider the school fees schedule for Covenant University right away.


Therefore, if you are interested and searching for (Covenant University school fees for medical students, Covenant University school fees deadline, Covenant University school fees for law, Covenant University hostel fees, Covenant University accommodation fees, Covenant University school fees for part-time, Covenant University hostel fees for freshers, Covenant University postgraduate school fees 2020/2021, Covenant University School Fees For Freshers 2020/2021) then you are not alone as we are here to help.


You’ll get all that you need right here on Editorial Times without bordering on going anywhere else.


Covenant University School Fees For Freshers 2020/2021

Acceptance Fees

Acceptance fee is the fee that you must pay to any higher institution as a first-year student showing that you have accepted the course and, in general, the admission that has been offered to you by the school.


A lot of students have been asking questions concerning the acceptance fee for Covenant University, and we are happy to finally let it out.


The next question is what next after paying the mandatory acceptance fee?


Covenant University School Fees Schedule For New And Returning Students 2020/2021 Academic Session

All freshers are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2020/2021 academic session early enough to the designated banks as approved by the school management.



That’s the much we can take on the topic “Covenant University School Fees For 2020/2021”.

Nonetheless, if you need information concerning Covenant University admission, do not hesitate to drop your contacts, thoughts, and contributions in the comment section so we can keep you posted.


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