Best Smart Speakers 2020 - Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Apple Homepod

Best Smart Speakers 2020 – Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Apple Homepod

The Best smart speakers 2020 – In 2020, Google, Amazon and Apple are all making good smart speakers.

There is a competition between these tech giants which only pushes them to keep getting better.

For years, Amazon dominated smart speakers with the original Echo and the Alexa voice assistant, but today there are many more options, each with their own pros and cons.

There are key differences which largely comes down to hardware size, price and audio quality. If you don’t need much dynamism from your music and you’re good with a little lower audio quality, you can save money and get the same smarts in a smaller smart speaker.

So how do you pick the best smart speaker for your needs?

Nest Mini, Echo Dot,or Homepod?

The Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Nest Mini, are both awesome smart devices.

Your options may include multi-room audio and let you turn on the lights, play music, ask a question, set reminders and more with simple voice commands. If that sounds appealing to you, it might be time to give in to the growing hype of this flourishing category of devices and buy a smart speaker.

Do you love any of those brands in particular? your job of picking a speaker is easy. Head to Amazon store and pick Amazon smart speaker model.

The Apple HomePod is your only option if you want a Siri-enabled smart speaker, but the good news is it has great audio quality, which makes listening to music very enjoyable.

If you’re platform-skeptic, and don’t need to choose between Alexa or Google, the range of choices might seem intimidating at first. But picking the best smart speaker can be easy if you know what you’re looking for. Here’s our thoughts.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Best Smart Speakers 2020 - Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Apple Homepod

Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best smart speaker . Both Google and Amazon have very capable smart speakers at affordable prices. If you don’t want to deal with the basics of the category and just want to try out a smart speaker, get the 3rd gen Echo Dot. Amazon’s voice assistant has more capabilities than Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot looks and sounds better than previous versions.

The Echo Dot offers all of the same digital assistant smarts as more expensive Echo devices. You sacrifice some audio quality for the size, but it plugs into your own speakers, so you can easily make up for that difference. Read the Amazon Echo Dot review @ CNET.

Google Nest Mini

Best Smart Speakers 2020 - Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Apple Homepod HomepodBefore now, Amazon used to be the indisputable ruler of the smart speaker world, but Google has done an admirable job of catching up its digital assistant in the sound race.

At this point, picking between the lowest-price smart devices from the two companies – the Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Nest Mini – comes down to splitting hairs. The Dot is still our favorite overall, but by a small margin.

Google Assistant now has almost as many capabilities as Alexa, making Google Nest Mini a solid alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot in your quest to find the best smart speaker.

Plus, Google Assistant is a little smarter voice assistant than Alexa. It responds more flexibly to voice commands if you can’t remember the exact name of your smart home devices, and Google’s grouped commands, called routines, work with more types of smart devices than Amazon’s similar routines.

Google Assistant can recognize multiple voices, so it’ll give you and your spouse different answers if you each ask about your calendars, though Alexa can now do this too.

Generally, Google still has the edge in assistant intelligence, and the Google Nest Mini is a great, low-cost way to take advantage of those smarts. Read the Google Nest Mini review here @CNET

Apple HomePod

Best Smart Speakers 2020 - Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Apple Homepod

Siri’s first smart speaker adapts its sound to the room you’re in and sounds fantastic playing all genres of music. Its sound quality outclasses the Sonos One and even squeaks by the similarly priced Google Home Max.

Kudos to Siri, you can also use an Apple HomePod to control your smart home products with the sound of your voice, ask for help as you would with the other smart speakers and answer phone calls coming to your iPhone.

The HomePod is more limited than the rest, however. You can only play music from Apple’s music service with voice commands. Other smart speakers give you a few popular streaming options to pick from, like Pandora or Spotify.

As for the smart home, you’re limited to devices that work with Apple’s smart home platform, HomeKit. So the HomePod has a few limitations the rest don’t have, but that shouldn’t matter to you if you’ve already invested in Apple products and just want great sound quality. Read the Apple HomePod review here @CNET


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