9 Facebook Advertising Updates Alert - What You Need To Know

9 Facebook Advertising Updates Alert – What You Need To Know

Facebook Advertising Updates – Facebook Ads Manager happens regularly

The entire Facebook advertising process is optimized, so it shortens the time needed to create campaigns in Ads Manager.

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Being up-to-date tracking the changes is important for anybody working in the Facebook Ads Manager.

1. New Ad Objectives Available for Marketplace Placements

Marketplace placements are now available when you create ads with Post Engagement and Page Like objectives.

9 Facebook Advertising Updates Alert - What You Need To Know

Facebook Marketplace is a new ad placement compared to the others in the feeds category. With this placement, your ads appear on the Marketplace home page or when someone browses Marketplace in the Facebook app on their phone.

Ads in Marketplace also appear in the news feed. It’s not currently possible for an ad to only appear in Marketplace.

2. Custom Metrics Are Now Available in Ads Manager

You can now create, edit and view custom metrics within the Customize Columns menu in Ads Manager. Custom metrics allow you to use your own formula to analyze performance.

Previously, custom metrics were only accessible in Ads Reporting. Now, they’re accessible in both Ads Reporting and Ads Manager.

Create a Customized Report in Facebook Ads Manager

You want to create a custom reporting column in your Ads Manager dashboard?

here you go…

9 Facebook Advertising Updates Alert - What You Need To Know

In the Customize Columns window, remove irrelevant columns, and under the Performance section, select the checkboxes to add Relevance Score and Frequency. Then under the Cost category, add CPM.

First, navigate to your Ads Manager dashboard and select Customize Columns in the Columns drop-down menu.

9 Facebook Advertising Updates Alert - What You Need To Know

In the lower-left corner, select the Save as Preset checkbox and name your new column “CRFC Metrics.” Then click Apply to save your changes.

9 Facebook Advertising Updates Alert - What You Need To Know

You now have a specific reporting view to use at the ad level of your campaigns.

3. Polls Now Available for Instagram Stories Ads

To show a poll on your ad, select the option to customize your Instagram Stories placement. Note this feature is only supported when using an image as the media type.

4. New Guidance UI and Content Added to Various Steps of Editing

Advertisers will be notified of steps they can implement to follow proven best practices to improve their campaigns’ outcomes. These messages will be less intrusive, easy to dismiss but also easy to find again when needed. At the same time, the presentation of many of the currently existing messages has been updated to a more modern UI.

5. More Call to Actions Available for Ads that Click to WhatsApp and Instagram Direct

When you create an ad that clicks to message, now you can select from a list of Call to Action buttons for ads that clicks to WhatsApp or Instagram Direct.

6. Audience Network In-stream Videos Not Available

The Audience Network In-Steam Videos placement isn’t available anymore. Your active campaigns are still running, but they won’t show ads in this placement.

Changes to Audience Network

Since 11 April 2020, whether you choose Automatic Placements or the Audience Network placement, your ads will no longer appear on Audience Network in-stream videos or websites.

“We’ve made this decision based on where we see growing demand from our partners, which is in other formats across mobile apps”.

What do I need to do?

If you are using Audience Network in-stream video as your only placement, it is recommend you end these campaigns or update your placements.

You will not be able to include Audience Network in-stream video placements in new ad campaigns.

Will this affect my CPM?

Now that Audience Network in-stream video and website placements have stopped, your CPM may be temporarily affected. However, these placements made up a very small part of Audience Network.

Will I still have access to my reports?

Your data will be saved for 6 months from 11 April.

Will Facebook in-stream video ads still be available?


7. Political Ads now part of Special Ads Category

The category “Ads about social issues, elections or politics” is now part of the “Special Ad Category” instead of a separate checkbox. You can select this option from the Special Ad Category menu, which also includes ads about credit, housing and employment.

8. Start Conversations on Instagram Direct

When you create ads that open Instagram Direct, you can now have a welcome message and frequently asked questions that people see when they click your ad. Find this option in the Message Template section.

9. New Destination Available Under Traffic Objective

Now you can select Phone Call as the destination for traffic campaigns. This new destination lets people easily call your business by tapping your ad.


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