2023: Barr. Mfon Ben Cautions Aspirants on Blackmail and Creating Unnecessary Tension

Aspirants for various political positions ahead of 2023 election have been advised to stop using their political intention for blackmail and creating unnecessary tension that is capable of consuming them in the future.

Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Election Matters, Barr. Mfon Ben gave the advice when he granted an Exclusive interview with The Ibom Informer Newspaper in his office in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Capital.

Barr. Ben said some Aspirants are risking disqualification by throwing up campaigns which is contravening the electoral guidelines of Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“First of all campaigns have not opened up. I am SA to Governor on Election Matters. People are today chopping the guns, creating unnecessary tension. The tension you are creating today may likely consume you tomorrow, because I know INEC is also watching you for contravening the electoral processes. When is expansion of voters register? When is voters’ registration? These are guidelines to what INEC is doing. The election is regulated by INEC and so, know that what you are doing may disqualify you. So don’t complain tomorrow because you are putting yourself towards being disqualified. Go and study the guideline.

Barr. Ben called on all the political office holders who were elected to serve the people to concentrate on delivering on the mandate given to them, not to concentrate on 2023 ambition to cause distraction in the state, noting that the party is watching and will give credence to a candidate who obeys the law, who works through the framework of the party regulations and guidelines.

“For now, everybody that was elected to represent the people owes the people responsibility of that mandate. His Excellency Governor, Udom Emmanuel was elected to represent the people, so he owes the people the responsibility as a governor. If you were elected as a Senator, you owe the people responsibility as a Senator. Same to House of Representatives members. in fact, whatever level you were elected to represent. When you leave the mandate that was given to you to serve the people and concentrate on 2023 to cause distraction, you are undermining yourself after all the party is also watching you and the party knows those kind of candidates that they want. A candidate must be the one who obeys the law, who works through the framework of the party regulations and guidelines. When you see people becoming desperate to people’s attention, it means they are undermining the Electoral Process.”

He said that lack of political leader in Uyo Local Government Area has thrown the Area into disunity where different people are agitating for different interest and different things. He condemned the act of some desperate politicians for attempting to drag Governor Udom Emmanuel into the leadership problem of Uyo, saying that Governor Udom Emmanuel is the only Governor
that touches Uyo communities.

“Let’s look at Barracks road, from the creation of the State to the present administration, the only road that was done in Barracks road was the one leading to Government House, but Governor Udom Emmanuel is the first Governor that is constructing road within Uyo communities. Udo Street, Uyo Village Road and all the surrounding areas. The only road that was not constructed by Governor Udom Emmanuel is Dominic Utuk road. All other roads were constructed in 1960s and 1970s. He has done a lot of roads linking to Shelter Afrique, Mbiabong, Asong Ama. He also build a road leading to Ikono Clan. Udom has created impact on Uyo people.”

On the issue of Akwa Ibom State position on restructuring and resource control, Barr. Ben said there is no Akwa Ibom State position outside the framework of government, lamenting that every sect of Akwa Ibom State is with a multiple of interest fighting for themselves and not fighting for Akwa Ibom State.

He said that government action in the past two to three years is so strategic and systematic in bringing out policies to protect people. “When you heard of herdsmen crisis, you find it low in Akwa Ibom state because Government understands that agitation will always bring out problem. They used proactive measures to show that those agitations do not create crisis in our State.”

He appealed to the Federal Government to allow Nigeria Federation work as true Federalism for power devolve to the component units of the State as envisage in the constitution. “The position of Akwa Ibom State Government has been the collective interests of the people. Let us have a good structure of governance that will protect the interest and welfare of the people.”

He appreciated Governor Udom Emmanuel for understanding the progress of Akwa Ibom State and his marvelous work in aviation industry and other sectors of the economy, saying that Gov. Udom Emmanuel is changing the narrative of impossibility to possibility by renewing all the abandoned projects to function in his Completion Agenda.

On Uyo House of Assembly seat being zoned to Ikono Clan come 2023, Barr. Ben acknowledged that 2023 is a time for Ikono Clan to produce the next House member for Assembly seat, assuring that Ikono will present the best quality of materials that will liberate Ikono people.

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