10 Best ways to Boost your Instagram Followers

Social media has become a platform where promoters, influential people and people all over the world use in reaching out to their audiences. The popular ones out of the numerous available on the internet like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are used to advertise products and services. These platforms can only work if you have a large or size able number of audiences that will receive the products or services you want to render.

Hence, people have device various ways to get more audiences. Some even go as far as buying audiences or followers. Cases like these are found on Instagram and Twitter. But they rarely work, and before you realize it you’ve spent a lot and are still stuck just a few numbers you had in the first place.

In this article, I will talk about 10 best ways to boost your Instagram followers. And it does not involve paying a dime to boost your followers. Think about it, Instagram does not have a feature for transferring followers, neither is it possible to pay thousands of people to follow you immediately.

Without further ado, here are 10 tips for getting more Instagram followers.

1. Choose a Niche with a beautiful Theme

Most people after setting up their Instagram account upload random pictures and expect to have lots of followers. Although regular postings help to boost your Instagram followers. But if you are not putting the right content people might not just pick interest on your page. Niche in this sense means category. You will agree with me that people understand and pick more interest in a page they can easily identify what it’s about. So, it’s better to follow single-line (uniformity) like fashion lifestyle, products, and services, videos e.t.c.

While at it, a beautiful theme can also increase Instagram followers. Posting not so clear pictures or videos can turn people off and can even cause you to lose more followers.

2. Use Instagram Automation tools or apps

There are several third-party Instagram apps that can help boost your followers. Some of them can be automated schedule posting, Instagram in-page analysis app and more. With these tools, you can track what post really get your followers interested and focus on it. automated postings can help engage your visitors and boost more Instagram followers.

If you do it right, a lot of this third-party automation apps can help you connect with more people and increase your Instagram followers.

3. Keep your Audience Engaged

Audience engagement is probably the most important and fastest way to gain more followers. Nobody likes a brand that does not do regular posting, nor replies to audience comment. So to keep your followers, you must constantly post new content. Apart from posting content, you must ensure to engage your audiences through comments and trackback.

This simple trick will definitely boost your Instagram followers. Your audiences can refer more people to your brand, and if the brand or niche interest them, it will make them stay. Although it requires a lot of hard work and consistency, once you start seeing the result, all that trouble will be definitely worth it.

4. Post New Unique Contents

While regular posting can keep your Instagram followers engaged to your page, posting the same old contents can drive your audiences away. For this particular reason, It’s good and beneficial to come up with new items often on your page.

A dynamic content posting will attract new potential followers and keep active followers on your page.

5. Link your Instagram to other Social Platforms

Besides Instagram, there are other popular social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and more. These social platforms also boast of millions of active users looking for information and services to digest. You can link your Instagram account to these platforms, and by so doing will boost your Instagram followers.

Facebook is a good place to start. Instagram is able to sync itself with Facebook and recommend friends from Facebook, that you can follow. By engaging with people you already have a connection to, your Instagram followers will definitely increase.

Furthermore, from your Instagram profile page, you put other social media links. This will help your followers access to more information, and alternatively, connect more with other people. This can lead to a boost in your Instagram followers, as your audiences can have access to greater contents on and off page.

6. Post Consistently

Like I said, regular engagement with your visitors does not only earn you more Instagram followers but can keep them as well. Consistency is a key factor in Instagram as it helps you to build a community of followers. Some of these followers will return every day to specifically check out new posts on your Instagram Page.

7. Work with other Promoters

Working with other similar promoters helps increase your Instagram post. Once you interact or link up with each other, your audiences will get more useful contents. This can also help you gain more followers from the other promoters side.

You will get more awareness from audiences from the promoters side once you are engaged with them. It even gets better if who you are relating has similar contents or promotes brands you are already working on your page. Doing this will definitely boost your Instagram followers significantly.

8, Dynamic Interaction

Just like what was said earlier interaction and engagement makes followers stay. But simply liking pages or not showing full interest in your follows is just as bad and can make you lose them. So instead of a stagnant interactions, it should be dynamic from time to time.

Dynamic Interaction in the sense could be a shoutout, give-away, identifying specific followers. These show that you are dedicated to your followers. By doing this, you don’t just keep your followers but boost your Instagram followers as well. This can happen through friends tag or referrals.

9. Be Creative with the Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are a popular tool that can get your content or brand to be seen by millions of people. If seen by millions, you get more followers or engagement. Hashtags are like a general category where similar contents can be found. It’s good to always use hashtag along with your content in other to promote your brands.

To use hashtags, it is recommended you use long-tailed keywords that are popular. Also, don’t overdo it for a particular content in the sense that it clogs the useful information there. It should be few and placed in the right places. There’s no doubt with the right hashtags, it will definitely increase your Instagram followers.

10. Follow Similar Promoters

When you follow similar promoters, you get what they post and what is trending. You can get a few ideas to use on your page that can boost your Instagram followers. Most times, people follow people that follow others as well. This gives them the belief that the person they are following is engaged with their followers. These engagements with audiences are very important, as it can cause you to lose followers or gain more followers.

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