Funny Numbers to Call When you are Bored or Wanna Prank Somebody

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Funny Numbers to Call When you are Bored or Wanna Prank Somebody – Dialling a funny hotline or giving out a fake or prank phone number to someone can easily substitute for a good laugh or a hilarious joke. If you need some good numbers to put a call to, don’t beat yourself up—we have carefully listed out funny numbers to call, with general prank hotlines, specific character phone numbers, addition, and more. For everyone, these numbers are hilarious — no *67 required.

Take Note of These;

• To get Rickrolled, Call (248) 434-5508
• To hear the world’s fastest dial tone, call (845) 354-9912.
• Trick someone into calling the Loser Hotline at (206) 569-5829.

1 To Get Rickrolled: (248) 434-5508

Give out this number to someone to “Rickroll” them through a phone call. When they hear “Never Gonna Give You Up” playing, they’ll roll their eyes in disbelief and laughter when they realize you have rickrolled them.

• Rickrolling is a term used in pranking someone by sending them unsuspecting videos of Rick Astley’s mega-80’s “Never Give You Up” music video. Since this prank usually begins online, the caller will never guess you’ve set them up by phone.

2 Fast dial tone: (845) 354-9912

Listen to the fastest dial tone recording. There’s something about hearing regular conversations sped up that can get almost anyone laughing. Calling the wrong number and getting the dial tone is common, but this sped-up version is another thing and much funnier than the one you’re used to hearing.

3Callin’ Oates Hotline: (719) 266-2837

To play Hall & Oates tunes, call this hotline. When you call this number, a British woman will greet you offering to play you a selection of songs by the 70’s pop duo Hall & Oates. No jokes are involved here, but the simplicity of this fun hotline can easily cause a giggle.
• Give this number to a friend or family member who’s a Hall & Oates fan to make their day — and hopefully bring them a laugh to forget their stress.

4 Call Jenny: (201) 867-5309

Call Jenny for a throwback music reference. Until 2017, this phone number was dialled the most after being made famous by Tommy Tutone’s 80’s hit of the same name. If you call the number now, it’s probably no coincidence that you’ll reach an automated message for Retro Fitness, an 80’s themed gym chain. Jenny may not pick up the phone, but it’s likely that “867-5309” is a staple on the gym’s playlist!

5 Calling Santa: 1-(603)-413-4124

Give Santa your Christmas list months in advance before Christmas with this number. While it obviously can’t connect you to Santa Claus, you can still call this hotline to chat with an unreal or phoney Saint Nick any time of the year. Another alternative would be to prank someone with this number; either give it to a friend as a joke or give it to anyone you don’t want to share contact information with and let them be shocked! Yeah, you read right!

6 Beautiful Phrases: (858)-651-5050

This one-of-a-kind number recites poetry filled with thoughts when you dial it. If you’re looking for simple entertainment, the Beautiful Phrases hotline plays a variety of spoken lines from all speakers. They’re actually Harvard Sentences, phrases designed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to measure speech quality, and they make for a genuinely unforgettable prank call!

7 Better call Saul: (505) 842-5662

Call Saul Goodman if you need a lawyer. In season 3, episode 6 of Better Call Saul, a commercial for Saul Goodman Productions featured this working phone number. If you call it, you’ll reach a recording from Saul asking you to leave a message if you need a lawyer for whatever crime you committed. Now that is a funny one!

8 The Loser Line: (206) 569-5829

Call the Loser Line, and you might be on the radio. Seattle radio station MOViN 92.5 orchestrated the Loser Line, so listeners who had a horrible experience with a rude suitor could give them a fake number — and embarrasses them in the process. If the caller decides to leave a message that’s rude or harassing, the station will play the message on-air so the loser can learn their lesson. Hilarious right? I know!
• Give this number to a rejected jerk or someone you think should be held publicly accountable for their bad behaviour.

9 Use a prank call website.

Make a funny call by using a prank-call website. If you want to send someone a funny recorded message instead of listening to one yourself, use a prank-call website. These websites call the person of your choice with recordings that can put the receiver in funny or uncomfortable positions, from a fake pizza delivery guy calling with their order to a fictional angry caller who is mad the receiver hit their car.
• PrankDial US
• PrankHotline
• Be kind when initiating a prank call. Remember: something that seems funny to you may hurt the other person’s feelings while receiving the call, so always use your best judgment when pranking a friend, a colleague, a neighbour or a family member. I hope I made your day.

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