How To Find Someone On Facebook By Phone Number

How To find Someone On Facebook By Phone Number Looking for someone online with their phone number is not very  popular  among many Facebook users, so it may be new to you. But no problem, because this article will show you details on how to find someone on Facebook with their own phone number.

One of the reasons Facebook always asks users to add their mobile numbers is for extra security. But putting in your number will serve you more than just security.  People can locate you easily on Facebook by  searching for you  with  your mobile number.

Here Are A Few  Steps On How You Can Find Someone On Facebook Using Their Phone Number

The first step is to log in to your Facebook account.

Once you’re logged in, you can  search for the person’s Facebook account via their phone number.

    After you have logged in, locate the search bar at the top center of your screen 

Enter the person’s  mobile  number into the search bar, and press  “Enter” or click on the icon to start your search.

Be sure that you have the correct phone number,  if you don’t have it written anywhere, just try contacting the person first and double-checking that their number is correct.

Once your search returns results, you’ll have a list of possible matches to choose from 

Go through the list and look for the profile that you’re looking for. If you find it, click on their name in the People tab to view their profile. Then, you can add them as a friend or view what posts they’ve shared in the past 

You can Send a friend request or  go to the person’s profile, depending on What  You want  to do

Go through the profile of the person, you’ll see two options at the top of the page. If you like to add the person as a friend and connect with them, just click on Send Friend Request or View Profile to view their posts, photos, and information.

   Check the box that says, “I know this person from somewhere else.”

When looking for people on Facebook using their phone numbers, don’t forget to check the box that says, “I know this person from somewhere else.” This will let them (and you) know how you came to find them.

It’s not compulsory, but it is a polite gesture if you want to be transparent about your intentions, especially if you decide to add them as a friend.

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Can I Find Someone On Facebook By Their Phone Number On The Mobile App

When you find someone by phone number on Facebook, using the mobile app is different from using a browser. Do the following steps:

  •  Start the Facebook program by login in to your own Facebook account.
  • Click on the search bar on the top right side of your screen.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • Click the search bar to search for the person  you are looking for at the top of the screen and search for them.

How To Find Someone On Facebook By Phone Number In Browsers

Here are the steps on how you can use a computer, tablet, or phone browser to look for  someone on Facebook by using their phone number. Follow the steps:

  • Go to Facebook’s website or the official website.
  • Log in to your own Facebook account first.
  •  Click the search bar on the top  left side of your browser.
  • Type the phone number of the person you are looking for and press Enter.

If the phone number is linked to a Facebook account, you will find  the person’s result  at the top of the All tab, then go to view the person you are searching for on the right side of the page.

Problems With Searching For Someone In Facebook By Phone Number

When it comes to finding out how to search someone by phone number on Facebook, privacy is in the spotlight, making it more challenging.

If your Facebook friends hide their profiles from the public and restrict who can find them by phone number, in this way, their privacy is protected, so it is not possible to find their Facebook account by phone number.

At this moment, if you search by phone number, a lot of random people will show up, but it’s not the person  you’re trying to find. This happens from time to time, even if you’re already Facebook friends with each other. Maybe it’s because your friend has set privacy restrictions. 

But here is a trick you can use to limit your search:.

If you know the person’s name you are searching for, you can narrow down a location by using the area code of the phone number. Follow the process below:

  • Go to Google and enter something like area code
  • Find out which area your friend lives in by area code.
  •  Enter your friend’s name and location in the search bar on the Facebook page.
  • Click to see if this is the person you are looking for.

Final Words

Thank you for reading this article  on how to find someone by phone number on Facebook. I guess you already have what you’re looking for.

We hope this content is of great use to you after reading the method stated above.


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