FB Dating Not Working? How To Enable Facebook Dating App

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FB Dating Not Working? This Article Will Show You How To Enable And Activate Facebook Dating App Even After Deleting

Encountering issues with FB Dating? Unable to locate it, unhide, or activate it? Read on to understand why it might not be working and learn how to resolve common problems.

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How to Resolve FB Dating Not Functioning

If you’re facing issues with FB Dating, such as it not appearing, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

FB Dating, a feature integrated into the Facebook app a few years ago, does not have a separate application. Instead, it can be accessed through the official Facebook app on Android or iOS devices.

This feature enables you to create your own dating profile on Facebook. Once on FB Dating, you can express interest in others by sending likes. If they reciprocate, you can begin chatting.

Reasons for Facebook Dating Malfunction Certain limitations exist when using FB Dating. You must be at least 18 years old, and your Facebook account should be at least 30 days old. Additionally, FB Dating is only visible within the main Facebook app on Android and iOS devices. It cannot be accessed on other operating systems or web browsers. Moreover, FB Dating is currently available only in select countries.

To check the list of eligible countries, visit this link: Eligible Facebook Dating Countries.

Facebook Dating Missing from Menu If FB Dating is not visible on your menu, it may be due to living in a country where it is unavailable. Ensure that your country is on the list of supported countries. Furthermore, the dating option is not accessible through web browsers. It can only be accessed via the official Facebook mobile app, albeit it may be somewhat challenging to locate.

To access FB Dating

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu.
  3. In the “All Shortcuts” section, look for “Dating.” If necessary, tap “See More.”
  4. Once you find “Dating,” you can proceed to create or access your dating profile.

Unhiding Facebook Dating To access the FB Dating features, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Have a Facebook account that is at least 30 days old.
  3. Reside in a country where FB Dating is available. This option is exclusively available within the Android or iOS Facebook app. Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in the absence of the FB Dating option.

Activating Facebook Dating Upon selecting the “Dating” option on Facebook, you will be prompted to create your FB dating profile. Differentiating it from your Facebook profile, it will import data from your Facebook account, allowing you to modify the information as needed. After completing your profile and clicking “Next,” you will be ready to use Facebook Dating.

FB Dating Not Working- How To Enable Facebook Dating App
FB Dating Not Working- How To Enable Facebook Dating App


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have queries or encounter issues related to FB Dating, refer to the following FAQs for assistance.

Why Can’t I Access FB Dating? Access to this feature is restricted, and if you fail to meet any of the requirements, you will be unable to access FB Dating.

Why Isn’t FB Dating Working for Me? There could be various reasons behind this issue. Review this guide to identify and resolve the problem.

FB Dating Conversations Not Working? If you are experiencing issues with FB Dating conversations, there may be a bug or glitch within the app. Check for any available updates and install them if possible.

Has Facebook Dating Been Discontinued? No, the dating feature is still available on Facebook. However, it may be more difficult to locate. You can still access it from the shortcuts section.