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Top 10 Best Wedding Colour Combinations in Nigeria (2021)

Top 10 Best Wedding Colour Combinations in Nigeria (2021) – Weddings are life-changing occasions for most Nigerians, particularly women.

This is why most Nigerians who plan their weddings make sure to check all the boxes to make their weddings spectacular and adorable.

Without question, most Nigerian couples planning weddings spend a significant amount of time choosing the ideal color combinations for their big day.

This is because good Color Combinations give a wedding beauty and a pleasant-looking setting.

Color combinations in weddings have become a tradition in Nigeria.

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In some instances, engaged couples would pay wedding planners and professionals to assist them in determining which color best suits or makes their wedding rich and admirable.

As a result, this piece will look on the most fantastic Nigerian wedding color schemes.

This can assist aspiring couples who need assistance choosing the best color combinations for weddings in Nigeria.

Best Nigeria Wedding Colour Combinations

Below are some of the best wedding color combinations in Nigeria, which will help make your wedding appear unique and memorable.

The following are some of the best wedding color dresses.

Pink & Silver

Pink and silver have proven to be one of the most popular wedding color combinations in Nigeria.

The two colors work well together and complement each other.

Pink is a very adaptable and universal color that can be mixed with various other colors such as gold and beige.

The occasion will undoubtedly be attractive with a combination of pink and silver bridal garments and dresses.

Black / White & Champagne Gold

The majority of Nigerian wedding celebrants continue to use champagne gold as their wedding color.

This is due to the glitzy appearance that the color provides.

Champagne Gold is a versatile color that can be matched with various other hues, including white and black.

As a result, in Nigeria, there are few weddings without the champagne gold color.

It gives wedding decorations a cool, classy, and elegant appearance.

It’s one of Nigeria’s most popular wedding color schemes.

Peach & Green

In Nigeria, peach and green are other popular wedding color combos.

Both of these colors are highly trendy and bright, and they add a lot to a wedding.

Peach colors are bright and go well with a dark green to create the most excellent color scheme for a wedding.

Many people believe that peach-colored clothing looks better on those with brown or chocolate skin and that it is a lovely wedding color combination for people with these skin tones.

Wine & Pink

Wine and pink colors can be mixed to enhance the appearance and ambiance of a wedding.

Wine hues are fashionable right now, and they create an elegant environment.

When wine colors are blended with pink, the result is a very vibrant and traditional color scheme.

It is yet another of Nigeria’s best color combinations for weddings.

Orange & Gold

Orange colors are stunning and can add a touch of glitz and glamour to a wedding.

For the most fantastic wedding color combinations, orange can be combined with gold.

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Apart from gold, delicate peach, cream, light brown, soft pink, pale coral, and sky blue can create a good and cheerful atmosphere and color combinations.

Yellow & Blue

Yellow and blue colors are also a lovely wedding color combination.

The color yellow has traditionally been associated with joy and happiness.

Its combination with the excellent blue color might make your wedding the topic of the town and an event to remember.

Blue can also be worn or combined with other colors such as champagne, gold, peach, and white to create a gorgeous and top-notch wedding color scheme.

Red, Orange & Sage

The colors red, orange, and sage can create the most stunning wedding colors and shines.

It’s a good color scheme for weddings that aren’t widely used in Nigeria.

Blue, Orange & Yellow

These color combinations of Orange, Blue, and Yellow can get tongues buzzing positively for your wedding.

Having flowers in these colors for your wedding can further demonstrate how special the occasion is.

Blue, Purple, Gold & Black

Another beautiful color for weddings, particularly in Nigeria.

Colors such as black and gold have worked well for weddings, especially when paired with purple and blue.

Pink & Yellow

When pink and yellow are combined as a wedding color, it can provide the ideal time for the pair.

For weddings, The Colours is highly lively, stylish, and buzzing. It’s another of the best and most popular color schemes for weddings.

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