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The 8 Best Fashion Trends For 2021

The 8 Best Fashion Trends For 2021 – We had so many gorgeous clothes planned for last year that we couldn’t wear, to quote Lorena Pages’ popular TikTok. Pilgrim necks, micro-minis, and a slew of odd new denim designs looked absurd to wear during a pandemic, especially when our actual at-home go-to’s were leggings and $13 sweatshirts.

However, we understand if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to dress up more often and keep up with the newest trends. And, thankfully, there’s some good news: the trendiest fashion trends for 2021 won’t set you back a dollar. Since styles like mid-section belts and vests never really took off last year, they’re still going strong, and the fashion industry appears to be quietly avoiding anything too fussy or over-the-top. So when you can wear a warm maxi instead of a dress with a million straps and perplexing sleeves, it’s a win-win situation. Or do you put on one of the ten matching sets you’ve amassed in the last year? is time to take a looking at the 2021 fashion trends that are already in your closet, as well as some styling ideas for making them feel new.


The Old Way: We frequently think of belts as a functional addition that keeps baggy pants in place. They’re more of an afterthought than anything else.

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The 2021 Way: We were already warming up to the statement buckle, and now the mid-section belt is making a comeback thanks to a slew of fashion bloggers and superstars. Try cinching a dress, blazer, or sweater with this bit of extra, a tip that dates back to the early 2000s.


The Traditional Method: As a Bra! This more comfortable option is sometimes worn underneath roomy shirts to add a pop of color or print.

The Way of 2021: Bring on the “bracket” craze. Celebrities can’t seem to get enough of wearing bralettes beneath their cardigans and blazers, and just the right time to give it a try. You also don’t have to match your bralette to your top layer; a simple black alternative will go with various outfits.

Black-and-White Fashion

The Traditional Approach: This color scheme is a no-brainer. When in doubt, go for the fundamentals, and there’s no better combination than a white button-down and black pants.

The Way of 2021:

It’s still dependable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try new things. Scarves, belts, and statement earrings can be added, or you can layer your favorite white top beneath an elegant LBD.


The Old Way: Adding a flash of color, such as a striking shoe or hat, can brighten up some neutrals.

The Way of 2021: Go all out! Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with crazy combos. The color blocking trend is used by some of our favorite influencer and celebrity outfits, and so many colors go well together.

Sets that go together

The Traditional Approach: As pajamas and loungewear.

Yes, matching sets and sweatsuits can still be worn around the house in 2021, but they also work for social occasions. So we like to amp up these pre-planned ensembles with a thick pair of white boots, a jacket, stacked necklaces, or a peek-a-boo turtleneck. And what if you don’t have a matching pair (or if you have a laundry pile full of them)? With pieces in the same color family, you may easily achieve a monochromatic look.

Sleeves and shoulders with a lot of volumes Fashion

The Old Way: We were all about glitz and glam in 2019 and early 2020. Nothing was too outlandish, and we couldn’t help but experiment with drop earrings, polka-dotted accessories, and high shoes.

The Way of 2021:

Sure, nothing is keeping you from channeling the 1980s, but we’ve grown to appreciate puff-sleeved tops on their own. A voluminous dress is ideal for a one-and-done appearance (mainly for video chats), while puff-sleeved tops instantly transform leggings, trousers, and even sweatpants into something more elegant.

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Flats with a lot of character

The Old Way: Sneakers and boots have been the most popular flat types for several years, but loafers, ballet styles, and babydoll shoes should not be overlooked. It’s long past time to bring them out of retirement.

The 2021 Way: Add longer-length socks to freshen up the look and nail the preppy, school-core style.


The Old Way: We’ve always found this dress style to be one of the most adaptable we’ve ever owned. Are we going out on a summer evening? Please put it on with some sandals, and you’re ready to go. Are you attending a wedding? Accessorize with diamonds and high heels.

The 2021 Way: We’ve dubbed this one the “blanket dress” because it completely covers our legs when we’re lounging on the couch. We’re all for trying out some more complicated layering techniques, like tying them over a pair of jeans or a mesh turtleneck.

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