How to Rest Facebook Password

Ever lost your Facebook password and felt locked out? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

This guide will be your savior, explaining the difference between resetting and changing your password, and walking you through the reset process smoothly.

Facebook Password Resetting Procedure
Facebook Password Procedure for Resetting

Reset vs. Change: Know the Difference

Before we dive in, let’s clarify:

Resetting is for when you’ve forgotten your password and need a new one.

Facebook will forget the old one and provide a new code to set a fresh password.

Changing is when you know your current password but want to update it for security reasons. This is simpler, as Facebook won’t ask for security questions.

Resetting Password: Step-by-Step

Feeling lost without your password? Fear not! Let’s embark on the reset journey:

  1. Visit the “Find Your Account” Page: Open your browser and head to
  2. Identify Yourself: Enter your email, phone number, full name, or username associated with the account. Click “Search.”
  3. Follow the Resetting Instructions: Facebook will guide you through specific steps based on your chosen information. Follow them carefully.
  4. Congratulations! You’ve successfully reset your password. Remember to share this guide with anyone who might need it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Delete My Facebook Account?

Yes! Log in to your account, go to settings, click “Your Facebook Information,” and choose “Deletion and Deactivation.” Follow the prompts to permanently delete your account.

Deactivating My Account? How Do I Do It?

Similar to deletion, go to settings, then “Your Facebook Information,” followed by “Deletion and Deactivation.” This option allows you to temporarily deactivate your account.

Lost My Password. How to Reset?

Remember the “Find Your Account” page? Head there, enter your account details, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Changing My Password?

Click the top right corner on any Facebook page, choose “Settings & Privacy,” then “Settings.” Next, click “Security and Login,” then “Edit” next to “Change Password.” Enter your current and new passwords, and click “Save Changes.”

Unblocking Someone on Facebook Android App?

Open the app, tap the menu (three lines), scroll down and choose “Settings & Privacy.” Select “Settings,” then “Privacy” and “Blocking.” Find the blocked user and tap “Unblock.”


Remember, this guide is your map to password management. Reset when lost, and change when needed. Stay secure!