List of BBNaija Season 6 Housemates

List of BBNaija Season 6 Housemates

This season’s theme is ‘Shine Ya Eye,’ and the housemates will be fighting and vying for the big prize of N90 million in presents over the next 72 days. These roommates come from all backgrounds, so it will be fascinating to watch how they interact and remain in one home for the next ten weeks.

List of the Housemates

The housemates that will keep you hooked to your TV screens for the next ten weeks are listed below.



Thirty years of age, Boma was born and reared in the Lagos suburb of Yaba. He’s a bartender and mixologist. He enjoys meeting new individuals. He’s a lover’s boy who wishes he could be everyone’s man. He aspires to be the go-to person. He claims to be able to blend in with any crowd. Boma is a seasoned model with ten years of experience. After a career-ending injury, the former player turned to mixology.


He is from the state of Lagos. He is a certified engineer as well as a personal trainer. He thinks he’s the kind of man that all the women want to be around. He doesn’t think the men will find it amusing. He claims that despite being 29, he behaves like a kid.


Jos is where Yousef hails from. He’s a multiracial Nigerian who works at a secondary school as a Technical Education teacher. He is vain and enjoys making himself seem nice in front of the camera.

He boasted about being prom king and how much the women like him. He aspires to be his housemate’s favorite. Yousef describes himself as a self-assured individual who contributes to the show’s enjoyment and amusement. He is looking for his soulmate.


Pere, a 36-year-old musician and actor from Warri is a Warri native. He is a highly spontaneous person who enjoys working out. He admits to being a bully and makes no apologies for it. The realtor claims that he will add drama to the program. This season, Pere adds, fans should anticipate gas Igbos from him.

White Money

White Money claims that he enjoys having a good time and enjoys entertaining others. He despises individuals who are dishonest and will do everything to pull others down.

According to the businessman, he is the reason why both the young and elderly will be watching this season. He claims that he would bring joy to the home and that he will be the show for the vibrations.


Niyi is a 34-year-old party animal who is always up for a good time. He won’t be found in the home if there’s any talk going on. The happily married father of one claims that he would bring a lot of joy to the household.

After an injury, the 6’6″ former basketballer claims he retired from the sport. Niyi, who owns a fantasy sports and event organizing company, says he is participating in the program to have a good time.


Yerins is a 27-year-old Bayelsa state medical practitioner who prefers to be referred to as a generalist. He dislikes individuals who are deceitful. He’s bringing everything to the home, including love, drama, and everything else. Despite the fact that he is often labeled as an introvert, he does not consider himself to be one.

Jay Paul

He is from Cross River State and identifies himself as a social butterfly. He considers himself to be a jack of all trades. Many people refer to him as a playboy, he says.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously and will keep viewers amused from the beginning to the end of the show (hopefully).


Emmanuel is a 24-year-old model and pageant king. He likes to read, go shopping, and drive fast cars. He describes himself as a performer. He has a reputation for being a con artist. Women should cross their fingers since he claims to be single.


Sammie, a Kaduna native, is a Guidance and Counseling student at Ahmadu Bello University. He’s a filmmaker who believes in the power of imagination. He describes himself as a talkative person. He wants to win the huge reward and believes that this opportunity will change his life forever.


Ikechukwu, popularly known as Cross, is a 31-year-old free-spirited individual. He enjoys attractive ladies, nightclubs, and dancing. In the home, he is going to be himself. Cross enjoys seeing women struggle for him…a he’s the nasty guy! He’s in the home for the thrills and spills.



Angel is a 21-year-old poet and writer. She’s a lot of fun to be around and is a great entertainer. Angel claims to be dictatorial, yet she enjoys studying people. She wants to be authentic in the home. She has eleven tattoos on her body that have special significance for her.


The Rivers state native is 26 years old. She enjoys being regarded as an intriguing person and enjoys being around humorous individuals. She wants to be the house’s favorite roommate. The fashion mogul claims she would bring her calm personality to the home and will not tolerate bullying.

Jackie B

Jackie B is a 29-year-old Adamawa state single mother. She comes from a family of twelve. She is a firm believer in mutual respect. She’s here for the Money and to help with the housework. Jackie B despises losing at everything. In the home, she intends to explore, have fun, flirt, and play.


Tega is from the state of Cross River. She describes herself as having a fiery personality (Whatever that means). Tega claims she’s on assignment and will be adding some spice to the program. She’s wanted to be a part of the program since she was a kid. She intends to have a good time and will not miss out on anything while she is at home.


Arin is a fashion designer who is 29 years old. She’s a gym rat who calls her face an ‘ashawo face’…wait, what??? She enjoys reading and will take up any task in the home. Arin’s body is adorned with 17 piercings.


Maria is from the state of Imo. She is a real estate agent in Dubai. She describes herself as a really kind person, according to the 29-year-old. She aspires to be a caring member of the household. Untidy and filthy individuals irritate her. She can’t see herself in a situation where she’s broke.


She is from the Edo state. The dancer says that she is not affected by negative energy. Liquorose describes herself as a drama queen who will bring the entire package, including drama, to the house.


Beatrice is a University of Portharcourt Marketing graduate. The model is hoping that the program would help her business. She enjoys dancing. Liars do not appeal to Beatrice. She is a woman with a huge heart. She’ll be bringing humor, joy, excitement, and a few tears to the event.

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Princess is a cab driver who is 30 years old. She enjoys cooking and driving. She’s going to take everyone out for a drive. She identifies herself as a sensitive person. Princess claims to have a crush on Bukola Saraki, the former president of Nigeria’s senate.


She was born in the state of Adamawa. The model, who is 21 years old, claims she enjoys eating but despises noisy people. Saskay claims to be a very emotional person. Fans will be riveted to their television sets, according to the artist.


The model and entrepreneur from Edo state admit to having a theatrical side. She admires sincere individuals and despises losing. She’s excited to bring all of the drama inside the home.

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