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Best Logo Design Apps to Help You Build a Brand with Your Phone

What is a logo design app, and how does it work?

A logo design app is a tool that allows you to create a logo on your smartphone or tablet. They work similarly to web logo makers, but they don’t require a desktop computer to use.

Having a fantastic logo for your business is crucial—it is, after all, the face of your brand. The beautiful part about designing a logo is that you have a lot of alternatives. The bad news is that many of these are too expensive, especially for new entrepreneurs. Logo design software can help with that.

Let’s look at all of your possibilities for getting a logo, ranked from most expensive to least expensive:

Work with a design agency: Design companies produce high-quality results, but they’re also highly expensive, and they’re usually out of reach for fledgling businesses.

Work one-on-one with a freelance designer: You can discover a freelance designer through referrals or 99designs. The outcome will be determined by the designer’s abilities and experience. The cost varies per designer and iteration, but it is usually in the three-digit range.

Start a 99designs competition: 99designs allows you to choose from a variety of bespoke logos created by designers all around the world. This costs between $299 and $1299, making it a viable option for many enterprises.

Use a logo creator or logo design software online: Finally, you can create your logo using a web or mobile applications. Because the design options and customizability are restricted, the results are undifferentiated, but with the correct logo design app, you can still achieve an acceptable logo. Most importantly, this is available at a cost that is manageable even on the tightest of budgets.

If you’ve established that you don’t have the hundreds of dollars (or more) necessary to generate a professional logo, online logo creation tools, and logo design apps can help—and we’ll show you how.

For most logo maker programs, the procedure is as follows:

  • You select an initial icon or template from the available alternatives.
  • You may make it your own by changing the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other aspects.
  • Finally, you save the image to your phone as a picture or send it to yourself through email—various apps have different download, file formats, and quality options.

Why would you prefer to utilize an app over a web-based service? The latter does, however, provide a wider screen on which to browse choices and alter your logo until it’s pixel-perfect, which is a significant advantage over the smaller mobile screen.

Logo design apps, on the other hand, have their own set of benefits:

Convenience for when you’re on the run. To begin with, they can be used at any time and in any location. This may appear unnecessary at first, but it makes a significant impact when you consider that an entrepreneur’s life is typically spent on the move, rushing from one appointment to the next. As a result, it’s far easier to carve out 10 minutes here and there on your phone to come up with multiple revisions of a logo than it is to sit down in front of your computer.

The UI is simple and easy to use. Second, apps provide a superior user interface than most web-based applications. Because mobile screen real estate is so limited, applications are often very well organized and guide you through each stage of the logo creation process without overwhelming you. You can also resize, rotate, and move objects around with your fingers, which is more enjoyable than using a mouse.

Contemporary designs. Finally, the style and quality of the design that you receive with the apps vary. This varies greatly from app to app, but I’ve observed that mobile logo builder apps generally offer more current designs than many web-based logo makers.

Logos for B2C brands or event-based logos are a good fit. Overall, these logos appear to be a better fit for B2C firms, since the design is more exciting, fresh, and whimsical than the more typical possibilities provided in their web counterparts. Similarly, applications provide a plethora of alternatives for ephemeral, event-based logos, such as weddings or pop-ups.

Apps with the finest logos

1. Logo Design Studio

2. Makr

3. Logo maker – Logo Creator

4. Watercolor Logo Builder 

5. ICONA – Logo Designer

6. DesignMantic – Logo Maker 

7. LogoScopic Studio – Design a Logo

8. Creating a Logo + Creating a Logo

Apps to create logos for free

The following are the top free logo creation apps we’ve tried:

Basic templates are free in the Logo Maker Shop (by Limepresso), but you must spend $10 to unlock all of them.

Logo Creator (by Chue Dave): Basic logos are free, but you must pay $4 to unlock all.

Watercolor Logo Maker (by Tap Flat Apps): A limited range is available for free; for the full range, pay $10.

LogoScopic Studio (by RoadRocks): A limited range is available for free; for the full range, pay $4.99.

Limited range is free; pay $4 to unlock all. Logo Maker + Logo Creator (by Jagwinder Singh): Limited range is free; pay $4 to unlock all.

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