Steps on how to Check your Gift Card Balance Online

Steps on how to Check your Gift Card Balance Online – It isn’t perfect for attempting to use a gift card to purchase anything to learn that you don’t have enough money on it! Fortunately, you can check your gift card balance before you start buying. You may check your balance by going to the card’s website, phoning them, or going to a store.

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Steps on how to Check Your Gift Card Balance Online

First Step

Find the website on the back of the card.

Just flip the card over to the side, which has the black strip to read the small print on the reverse. It will usually provide instructions on discovering your balance and, on rare occasions, a link to a website where you may do so.

Websites that aren’t affiliated with the gift card business should be avoided. Instead, only use websites connected from the company’s official website or the URL on the back of the card.

Type the required information into the site

When you visit the website listed on the back of the card, you will see fields for information about your card. This will typically include your card number and another numeric code, such as the expiration date or access code. To see the card numbers on the back of the card, you may need to peel off a piece of tape.

Hit submit or enter.

After you complete the information, you should be directed to a page that displays the remaining balance on your gift card. If it doesn’t work, return to the previous page and enter the card information again. Before submitting them, double-check them to ensure that they are correct.

If the information still does not work, your card may have expired, or there may be a technical issue. Call the company or visit a physical site in this scenario.

Call or visit the store if there is no website on the back of the card. 

You may not be able to check your balance online if there is no website stated on the back of the card. If this is the case, you’ll need to use another way to check the amount on your gift card.

Second Step

Calling the Gift Card Company

On the reverse of the card, look for the company’s phone number. The back of most gift cards will feature a toll-free number you may call to find out what your balance is. Look on the reverse of the card for the phone number by flipping it over to the side with the black card strip. Some cards will have two phone numbers: one for customer service and another for balance queries.

If you contact customer service, they will point you in the direction of the balance inquiry phone number.

Call the number you find on the card. 

Call the balance inquiry number on the back of the card. This number will connect you to a human operator on occasion and an automated phone system on other events.

Use the keypad on the phone to input your information. 

You will be prompted for card information such as the card number, expiry date, birth date, or even the last four digits of your phone number when you call the number. Depending on the kind of gift card you have, you’ll need different details. Once you’ve supplied all of the relevant card information, follow the automated system or chat with a customer service representative.

Wait and listen to hear your balance.

After entering the necessary information, you will be sent to a readout of your balance. Please write down the balance or save it to your phone to know how much money you have on the card.

Third Step

Going into the Store

To use the gift card, go to a physical location. For example, go to the business’s shop if your gift card is for a particular company. They will generally inform you of your gift card balance for free.

Ask an employee if they can check the balance on your gift card.

Give your gift card to a customer care representative or a cashier and ask them to check the balance on it. They should be able to scan the card and give you the credit.

Look at the bottom of the receipt after you use the gift card.

Get a paper receipt if you spend the gift card at a physical location. The remaining amount of your card will be listed at the bottom of the receipt by most businesses.

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