Counties in Liberia

Liberia has 15 counties. Here is a list of all the counties in Liberia:

List of counties in Liberia

  1. Bomi
  2. Bong
  3. Gbarpolu
  4. Grand Bassa
  5. Grand Cape Mount
  6. Grand Gedeh
  7. Grand Kru
  8. Lofa
  9. Margibi
  10. Maryland
  11. Montserrado
  12. Nimba
  13. Nimba
  14. River Gee
  15. Rivercess
  16. Sinoe

Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location West Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, and the Atlantic Ocean
Capital Monrovia
Official Language English
Population Approximately 5.1 million as of 2021 estimate
Area Approximately 111,369 square kilometers (43,000 square miles)
Geography Diverse with a coastline, rainforests, and hilly terrain
Independence From the United States on July 26, 1847
Government Unitary presidential republic
Currency Liberian dollar (LRD)
Notable Places Sapo National Park, Providence Island, Firestone Rubber Plantation
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Which county in Liberia is the richest county?

It’s challenging to determine the “richest” county in Liberia definitively, as wealth and economic development can be complex and multifaceted. Liberia is a country that has faced significant economic and social challenges, and there may not be a single county that can be universally considered the wealthiest.

However, some counties in Liberia have historically been more economically developed than others due to factors such as natural resources, infrastructure, and industrial activities. The relative wealth of counties may change over time as economic conditions evolve.

Counties like Montserrado, which includes the capital city, Monrovia, have often been more economically developed due to their central location and concentration of economic activities. Montserrado County is also home to major businesses, government institutions, and international organizations.

It’s important to note that Liberia has a diverse range of counties, and disparities in development and wealth can exist. Natural resources, infrastructure, trade, and historical conditions are just a few examples of the factors that affect economic development.

What is the most popular county in Liberia?

The most “popular” county in Liberia can vary depending on the context and criteria used.

In terms of the most populous county, Montserrado County, which includes the capital city, Monrovia, is the most populous county in Liberia. Monrovia, being the capital and the largest city in the country, is the primary economic and political center, attracting a significant portion of the population.

In terms of the most economically active county, Montserrado County is also a major economic hub due to its concentration of businesses, government institutions, and international organizations. It has a more developed and diversified economy compared to some other counties.

What is the smallest county in Liberia?

River Gee is the smallest county in Liberia in terms of land area. It is located in the southeastern part of the country and is known for its relatively compact size. River Gee County was established in 2000 and is one of the newer counties in Liberia. Despite its small land area, it has its own local government and administrative structure, like other counties in the country.


Liberia map flag and coat of arm
Liberia map flag and coat of arm


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