Cook Nicknames: General Rules When Choosing A Chef Nickname

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Opening up a cuisine place can no doubt be daunting as there are many things to put into consideration. Whether it’s a mobile cooking service, or you want to open your city’s favorite spot, the nickname is one of the most important things that can be picked.

Many brands have made the unforgivable mistake of not thinking through the cook nicknames for their service and we are here to make sure that you too don’t make that mistake.

The nickname you choose for your cooking service should be catchy, fun and meaningful. Catchy because its best for customers to associate your delightful meals to an easy to remember nickname. Fun because the name alone should build up excitement in your first-time customers on what exactly they are about what they are certain to get.

And finally, the cook nickname  should be meaningful, something that 15 years down your business line, you look back and remember why it was started in the first place, whether it’s in someone’s memory, in salute to the exact way you make your pies or a code to your grandmothers secret recipe!

Here are some Cook nicknames we put together to guide you down the path to a great chef nickname.

Our names cover for those who want to choose a name for themselves or for their brand.

Individual Cook Nicknames

  • Crispy Chef
  • Dees Delight
  • Chef for you
  • Jays Jam
  • Goldens Grills
  • Burrito brothers
  • Super chef
  • Chief chef
  • Chef on duty
  • I’m the chef
  • Baker master
  • Grab a bite
  • Tasty fingers
  • Daisy’s Doughnut
  • Mamas hands
  • The food fairy
  • Brownie maker
  • Executive chef
  • Food guru


  • Grills and Grinz
  • Spicy and Clean
  • Bon Apetite
  • Mama’s corner
  • Warm and cozy
  • Taste of heaven
  • Dare to savor
  • Look to the plate
  • Home made
  • The classic cuisine
  • Just like home
  • Taste the difference
  • All for you
  • Eat with me
  • Crave a dish
  • Bonfire specials
  • Taste so sweet
  • Just for you
  • Dope Meals
  • Delicious dishes
  • Papas Place
  • Tasty treats
  • Donald’s designs
  • Love on a plate
  • Cupids cuisine
  • The happy camper
  • Five-star meals
  • Dine with me
  • Cakes and coffee

General Rules When Choosing A Cook Nickname

  1. Know your personality
  2. Choose about 4 or 5 different nicknames
  3. Settle on just one that fits your type and business
  4. Use kid-friendly nicknames
  5. You can choose funny nicknames too
  6. Stay true to your business idea
  7. Don’t limit yourself; think far and wide when choosing a nickname
  8. Keep it short, simple and catchy
  9. Hear your friends and family members’ thoughts on it,
  10. Do not use your real name

Chef or cook nicknames can be awesome and so easy to roll off the tongue when the right decision is made. However, coming to that decision must be preceded by careful thought and evaluation. Remember that once people catch on to the first bad choice you made, sometimes, it can be a little difficult to change it in their minds and choose another one.

Remember that a good Cook’s nickname gives a good first impression of your service.

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