Cities, Towns and Villages in Trinity County, California

Trinity County, located in northern California, is known for its rugged landscapes and outdoor recreation. Here is a list of cities, towns, and villages in Trinity County


  • Weaverville (County Seat and Largest City)


  • Hayfork
  • Lewiston

Villages in Trinity County

  • Douglas City
  • Junction City
  • Trinity Center
  • Coffee Creek
  • Hyampom

Quick Facts about Trinity County, California

  • County Seat: Weaverville
  • Largest City: Weaverville
  • Date Founded: February 18, 1850
  • Total Land Mass: Approximately 3,179 square miles
  • Population: Approximately 13,000 (as of 2022)
  • Notable People: Trinity County has a small population, and notable residents include individuals connected to the region’s history and natural resources.
  • Notable Places: Trinity Alps, Trinity River, Weaverville Historic District
  • Economy: Trinity County’s economy is largely based on natural resource industries, including timber and mining. Tourism also plays a role, with visitors attracted to the county’s outdoor activities and scenic beauty.
  • History: The county has a history linked to Native American cultures, the Gold Rush era, and the development of mining towns. Weaverville, the county seat, played a central role during the Gold Rush.
  • National Protected Area: Trinity Alps Wilderness
  • Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Trinity County

What outdoor activities are popular in Trinity County?

Trinity County offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking in the Trinity Alps, fishing and rafting on the Trinity River, and exploring the scenic landscapes of the region.

Are there historical sites to visit in Weaverville?

Yes, Weaverville has a well-preserved historic district that includes structures from the Gold Rush era. Visitors can explore places like the Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park and Main Street to experience the town’s history.

Is Trinity County a popular destination for fishing and boating?

Yes, Trinity County is known for its abundant waterways, including the Trinity River and Trinity Lake. Fishing and boating enthusiasts visit the area for opportunities to catch various fish species and enjoy water-based recreation.

Trinity County, California Map
Trinity County, California Map

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