Cities, Towns and Villages in Putnam County, New York

Putnam County is located in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York State, and it’s known for its scenic beauty and historical landmarks. The county comprises a range of towns and villages but doesn’t have any cities. Below is an overview of all Cities, Towns and Villages in Putnam County, New York:

Cities in Putnam County

  • None

Towns in Putnam County

  • Carmel
  • Kent
  • Patterson
  • Philipstown
  • Putnam Valley
  • Southeast

Villages in Putnam County

  • Brewster (in the Town of Southeast)
  • Cold Spring (in the Town of Philipstown)
  • Nelsonville (in the Town of Philipstown)

Geographic Details

  • Total Area: Approximately 246 square miles
  • Land Area: Roughly 230 square miles
  • Water Area: About 16 square miles, including several reservoirs like the West Branch Reservoir and the Middle Branch Reservoir.


Major Highways

  • Interstate 684
  • U.S. Route 6
  • U.S. Route 202
  • U.S. Route 9
  • New York State Route 22
  • New York State Route 52
  • New York State Route 301


  • The estimated population of Putnam County is around 99,000 according to the most recent data available.

Putnam County is popular for outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and fishing, owing to its numerous lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. The area is also rich in history, featuring landmarks from the Revolutionary War era.

Putnam NY map and seal
Putnam NY map and seal