Cities, Towns and Villages in Iroquois County, Illinois

Here is a list of all the cities towns and villages in Iroquois County, Illinois

Iroquois County, Illinois, is where rural landscapes meet community resilience.

Nestled in the east-central part of the state, Iroquois County invites you to explore its agricultural heritage, small-town charm, and strong sense of community.

Here is a list of all the cities, towns, and villages in Iroquois County, Illinois:


  1. Gilman
  2. Watseka


In 1855, a popular vote resulted in the adoption of township government, which was implemented in 1856. At that time, eleven townships were created; they are listed below.

  1. Ash Grove
  2. Beaver
  3. Belmont
  4. Chebanse
  5. Concord
  6. Loda
  7. Middleport
  8. Milford
  9. Onarga
  10. Papineau
  11. Stockland


  1. Ashkum
  2. Beaverville
  3. Buckley
  4. Chebanse
  5. Cissna Park
  6. Clifton
  7. Crescent City
  8. Danforth
  9. Donovan
  10. Iroquois
  11. Loda
  12. Martinton
  13. Milford
  14. Onarga
  15. Papineau
  16. Sheldon
  17. Stockland
  18. Thawville
  19. Wellington
  20. Woodland

Unincorporated Communities

  1. Bryce
  2. Claytonville
  3. Delrey
  4. Eastburn
  5. Effner
  6. Fountain Creek
  7. Goodwine
  8. L’Erable
  9. La Hogue
  10. Pittwood
  11. Stockland

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Iroquois County, Illinois:

  • County Seat: Watseka
  • Founded: 1833
  • Area: Approximately 1,118 square miles
  • Population: Around 28,000
  • Geography: Predominantly rural with agricultural landscapes.
  • Economy: Historically rooted in agriculture, with a mix of local businesses.
  • Notable Landmarks: Watseka, the county seat, features historic sites, and there are scenic rural areas throughout the county.
  • Community: Embraces small-town values with a focus on community events.
  • Education: Home to local schools and educational institutions.
  • Recreation: Offers outdoor activities and parks for residents and visitors.
  • Official website:


Were they Iroquois in Illinois?

  • The Iroquois people, a Native American confederacy, were historically associated with the northeastern part of North America, particularly in the area that includes what is now New York, Pennsylvania, and surrounding regions. They were not native to Illinois, which is situated in the central part of the United States. In Illinois, the indigenous peoples historically included various Native American tribes, such as the Illiniwek Confederation, Miami, Sauk, Fox, and others. These tribes had their own unique cultures, languages, and histories within the region that is now Illinois.

What judicial circuit is Iroquois county Illinois?

  • The 21st Judicial Circuit Court of Iroquois and Kankakee Counties, Illinois has general duties provided by statute and make up part of the Illinois Court System.

What is the largest ethnic group in Illinois?

  • Population & Diversity. Illinois is home to a population of 12.8M people, from which 93.3% are citizens. As of 2021, 14.1% of Illinois residents were born outside of the country (1.8M people). In 2021, there were 4.35 times more White (Non-Hispanic) residents (7.72M people) in Illinois than any other race or ethnicity.
Iroquois County, Illinois map
Iroquois County, Illinois map


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