Cities, Towns and Villages in Hancock County, Illinois

Here is a list of all the cities, towns and villages in Hancock County, Illinois

Hancock County, Illinois, where the rolling landscapes meet the mighty Mississippi River.

Situated in the western part of the state, Hancock County is characterized by its scenic beauty, historic charm, and a strong sense of community.

Here is a list of all the cities, towns, and villages in Hancock County, Illinois:


  1. Carthage
  2. Dallas City
  3. Hamilton
  4. La Harpe
  5. Nauvoo
  6. Warsaw


  1. Bentley


  1. Augusta
  2. Basco
  3. Bowen
  4. Elvaston
  5. Ferris
  6. Plymouth
  7. Pontoosuc
  8. West Point

Unincorporated communities

  1. Adrian
  2. Burnside
  3. Breckenridge
  4. Chili
  5. Colusa
  6. Denver
  7. Disco
  8. Durham
  9. Elderville
  10. Fountain Green
  11. Joetta
  12. La Crosse
  13. McCall
  14. Middle Creek
  15. Niota
  16. Old Niota
  17. Powellton
  18. Saint Mary
  19. Stillwell
  20. Sutter
  21. Tioga
  22. Webster


  1. Fort Johnson

Quick Facts about Hancock County, Illinois

Here are some quick facts about Hancock County, Illinois:

  • Official Website:
  • County Seat: Carthage
  • Founded: 1825
  • Area: Approximately 794 square miles
  • Population: Around 17,000
  • Geography: Diverse landscapes with the Mississippi River bordering the county.
  • Economy: Historically tied to agriculture, with a mix of manufacturing and local businesses.
  • Notable Landmarks: Historic sites in Carthage, scenic areas along the Mississippi River.
  • Community: Embraces small-town values with a focus on community events.
  • Education: Home to local schools and educational institutions.
  • Recreation: Offers outdoor activities, parks, and cultural events.


When was Hancock County founded?

  • Hancock County was founded in 1825.

How large is Hancock County in terms of area?

  • Hancock County covers approximately 794 square miles.

What is the population of Hancock County?

  • The population of Hancock County is around 17,000.

What is the economic history of Hancock County?

  • Hancock County has a historical connection to agriculture, with a mix of manufacturing and local businesses shaping its economy
Hancock County, Illinois map
Hancock County, Illinois map


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