Cities, Towns and Communities in Edgar County, Illinois

Here is a list of all the cities, towns and communities in Edgar County, Illinois

Located in the heart of the state, Edgar County is characterized by its scenic landscapes, friendly communities, and rich history.

With a blend of small-town warmth and agricultural heritage, the county offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

You can explore the winding country roads, visit historic sites, and experience the genuine hospitality that defines Edgar County.

Here is a list of cities, towns, and villages in Edgar County, Illinois:


  1. Paris
  2. Chrisman
  3. Brocton
  4. Kansas
  5. Vermillion
  6. Hume
  7. Redmon
  8. Metcalf


  1.  Buck Township
  2. Edgar Township
  3. Elbridge Township

Communities in Edgar County

  1. Paris
  2. Chrisman
  3. Kansas
  4. Brocton
  5. Hume

Quick Facts

  • Official Website:
  • County Seat: Paris
  • Founded: 1823
  • Area: Approximately 623 square miles
  • Population: Around 17,000
  • Geography: Predominantly rural with agricultural landscapes.
  • Economy: Agriculture, local businesses, and community services.
  • Notable Landmarks: Historic sites, including the Edgar County Courthouse in Paris.
  • Community: Close-knit communities with an emphasis on local events and engagement.
  • Education: Home to local schools and community-focused educational initiatives.
  • Recreation: Rural landscapes provide opportunities for outdoor activities.


How is the economy of Edgar County diversified?

  • The county’s economy is diverse, with a focus on agriculture, local businesses, and community services, contributing to its overall stability.

What cultural events or landmarks are notable in Edgar County?

  • Edgar County is home to various cultural events, historical landmarks, and community festivals that celebrate its heritage and identity.

How is community engagement promoted in Edgar County?

  • Community engagement is fostered through local events, gatherings, and initiatives that bring residents together and strengthen the sense of community.

What are the main industries in Edgar County?

  • Agriculture plays a significant role in Edgar County’s economy, with farming and related activities contributing to the county’s character.
Edgar County, Illinois map
Edgar County, Illinois map


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